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Buddha Dhammapada Stories

  1. Lustful Monk
  2. The Cloth Baby
  3. Innocent Monk
  4. Law of Kamma
  5. Wise Merchant
  6. Ungrateful Sons
  7. Selfish Rich Man
  8. Great Pretenders
  9. Abusive Brothers
  10. The Cruel Butcher
  11. Pregnant Bhikkhuni
  12. Fickle Minded Monk
  13. Unfortunate Hunter
  14. Self Pampered Monk
  15. The Wandering Mind
  16. Bhikkhu or Brahmana
  17. Diligent Do Not Sleep
  18. Lady and the Ogress
  19. Abandon Attachment
  20. Gisa Kotami dead Son
  21. Almsfood is Almsfood
  22. Mindfulness Means Life
  23. Impermanence of Beauty
  24. Monk Whose Body Stunk
  25. Power of Loving Kindness
  26. Scholar Monk and Arahat
  27. Practise What You Preach
  28. Courtesan and lustful Monk
  29. Father who became a Mother
  30. Angulimala Necklace of Fingers

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There are 423 verses in the Dhammapāda and behind each Verse there is a story.
These Verses contains the essence of Gautam Buddha teachings.
Verses are compile and Edited by Gambhiro Bhikkhu
and the Source of these story book for us is www.buddhanet.net

 Osho on Dhammapada -  The Dhammapada, the teaching of Gautama the Buddha, can only be taught to the bodhisattvas. It cannot be taught to the ordinary, mediocre humanity, because it cannot be understood by them.

These words of Buddha come from eternal silence. They can reach you only if you receive them in silence. These words of Buddha come from immense purity. Unless you become a vehicle, a receptacle, humble, egoless, alert, aware, you will not be able to understand them.

 Intellectually you will understand them -- they are very simple words, the simplest possible. But their very simplicity is a problem, because you are not simple. To understand simplicity you need simplicity of the heart, because only the simple heart can understand the simple truth. Only the pure can understand that which has come out of purity.