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Vipassana Meditation Technique and Awareness Questions

    Questions on Witnessing and Awareness

  1. Witnessing is a Knack
  2. Witnessing A Simple Phenomenon
  3. Your witness is the ultimate mirror
  4. Witnessing, The Most Simple Meditation
  5. Osho Quotes on Witnessing Part 1, Part 2
  6. It is easy to Witness sadness and boredom
  7. Difference between Witnessing and Judgement
  8. The whole art of Meditation consists in Witnessing
  9. By becoming more aware, one becomes more aware
  10. Awareness is a process of being more and more awake
  11. What is the relationship between Let-Go and Witnessing?
  12. Osho on Three steps of Awareness- Body, Mind and Heart
  13. Are Witnessing and Sensitivity two sides of the same coin?
  14. What is the Difference between Awareness and Witnessing?
  15. Awareness is not part of the mind. It flows through the Mind
  16. Osho - Just by witnessing, identification disappears, not the mind
  17. Awareness can be attained only by doing, not by thinking about it
  18. All that you need is just to be Watchful and nothing will affect you
  19. You are neither the heart nor the mind. You are a pure Consciousness
  20. Awareness is a Transforming Force, it does not repress but it Transforms
  21. Atisha's Sutra's for Meditators (Watching the watcher and many more....)
  22. Journey consists of this: from Will to Witness and from Witness to Tathata

    Questions on Vipassana Meditation

  1. Osho on S.N. Goenka Vipassana Meditation Technique
  2. First, learn the process of Awareness through Breathing
  3. Swami Rajneesh Videos - Real Vipassana Meditation of Buddha
  4. Swami Rajneesh on inner secrets of buddha vipassana Meditation
  5. Osho Quotes on Vipassana Meditation - Vipassana1, Vipassana 2
  6. Osho on Buddha Vipassana Meditation, Vipassana means Witnessing
  7. Anapansati Yoga - Yoga of incoming and outgoing breath Awareness
  8. Osho on Gautam Buddha Vipassana Meditation - Essential meditation
  9. Buddhist Technique of Anapansati Meditation & its affect on our Bodies
  10. If the Dancer is not the witness then you cannot be total in the Dance
  11. Buddha Vision of Meditation - Meditation should be a part of every Act
  12. Traditional method of Vipassana Meditation & Osho Vipassana Meditation
  13. Vipassana can be done in 3 ways, you can choose which one suits you best