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Osho on Jesus Christ Life and Enlightenment

  1. Christ is totally different from Christianity
  2. Why is Jesus thought to be born out of a Virgin Mother?
  3. Jesus Christ died as a fully enlightened man - a full moon
  4. When and where did enlightenment happen to Jesus Christ?
  5. Jesus is not a Meditator -- How can he become Enlightened?
  6. Jesus Christ Sacrifice on Cross for Salvation of World from Sins of Man
  7. Osho on Jesus Christ Life in India - Jesus Christ never died on the cross
  8. In comparing Jesus to Buddha, Jesus seems very active and revolutionary. Why is this?


Osho on Jesus Christ Teachings and Christianity

  1. Osho on Martin Luther and 'The Reformation' Event
  2. Gospels provide no techniques for developing a loving heart
  3. Osho on Jesus Christ and John the Baptist teachings on Repentance
  4. I was brought up as a catholic, So how come Jesus is a stranger to me?
  5. What is the difference between your Philosophy and that of Christianity?
  6. There is no difference between the Catholic's basic doctrine and the Protestant's
  7. Osho - Christ's message is rejoice and be merry. Christianity's message is: be sad, look miserable


Osho on Jesus Christ