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Articles on importance of Vegetarian food in Spirituality

  1. Osho Quotes on Vegetarian Food
  2. Osho - Vegetarianism is a by-product of Meditation
  3. Osho on Cow Slaughter and Hindu Theory of evolution
  4. Jiddu Krishnamurti on Vegetarianism and Killing Animals
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  6. Osho - Is Vegetarian Food essential for Spiritual Growth
  7. Ramana Maharshi on Vegetarian Food importance in Spirituality
  8. Osho - Why don't you allow nonvegetarian food in the ashram?
  9. Annie Besant on brutality involved in eating Non - Vegetarian food
  10. Osho - I am a vegetarian and I would like the whole world to be vegetarian
  11. Osho on respect for life - Just as you want to live, everybody else wants to live
  12. Osho on drinking cow milk - I had a strong hatred for milk because it is non-vegetarian
  13. Osho - What you eat makes your mind, makes your body, makes your senses, gives you qualities
  14. Osho - All Vegetarian religions believe in reincarnation, A Vegetarian can easily remember his past lives

Articles on Environment and Mother Earth

  1. Osho on Importance of Trees and Ecological balance on Earth
  2. Osho on Mother Earth - I am absolutely in favor with environmentalists
  3. Osho on danger to Ecology and Lao Tzu wisdom on earth ecological balance
  4. Osho on Science help in saving Environment - We have gone too far in technology
  5. Osho on Saving Mother Earth - Raise your own consciousness to the highest peak possible

Videos related with Mother Earth and Importance of Trees

  1. Osho Video : Don't Use this Planet Like a Waiting Room
  2. Osho Rajneesh Video - mysterious black holes - trees & prana
  3. Osho Rajneesh Video - osho dynamic meditation technique & trees
  4. Osho on Religion Crime Against Humanity, Nature, Environment and Ecology
  5. Jaggi Vasudev explains his grassroots tree planting initiative, Project GreenHands


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