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   Online Therapies, Healing and Addictions

   Osho Meditation Therapies

  1. Osho Meditative Therapies
  2. Osho No Mind Therapy
  3. Osho Born Again Therapy
  4. Osho Mystic Rose Therapy
  5. What is the Purpose of Therapy Groups
  6. What is the role of Therapy in Meditation?
  7. Techniques work only when there is deep Love
  8. Love is therapy, There is no other therapy in the world except love

    Osho Rajneesh Videos on Therapies and Therapists

  1. Osho Rajneesh Video - I Disturb Therapists
  2. Osho Rajneesh Video - The Rapist Therapists
  3. Osho Rajneesh Video - Transformation versus Change

   Questions on Addictions and Healing

  1. How to deal with Fear
  2. How can one Drop an Obsession
  3. Can LSD be used as a help in Meditation
  4. Osho on Drugs Deaddiction with Meditation and Hypnosis
  5. How to Prevent use of Drugs and Solution to Drug problem
  6. Without any reason I do some jobs in a hurry; especially eating
  7. What is the Root cause of Smoking. How can one Give Up Smoking
  8. I cannot drop the habit of chain Smoking. I have tried hard but failed always.
  9. Jiddu Krishnamurti on how to break through Habit completely
  10. Jiddu Krishnamurti - What matters is to be totally conscious of habits
  11. J Krishnamurti on Smoking - Habit of Smoking, drinking is an escape from reality

   Questions on Therapies and for Therapist

  1. Real Therapist does not have ego
  2. Use of Self Hypnosis for Meditation
  3. Hypnosis Technique and its Danger
  4. Expressing your Emotions in Aloneness
  5. Transformation of Hypnosis into Meditation
  6. What is your vision of Therapy in the future?
  7. A good therapist has to be immensely compassionate
  8. Many people coming for Addiction Programs are not Ready for Meditation, How can I Help?
  9. Therapist has to be a real friend. He has to show his compassion, his love & understanding
  10. During Therapy 3 Fears usually come Up - fear of going Crazy, fear of letting go in Sexual Orgasm and the Fear of Dying

Osho Discourses on Psychology and Psychoanalysis

  1. Osho on Janov Primal Therapy
  2. Osho on German Psychologist Wilhelm Reich
  3. Osho on Carl Jung and Western psychology
  4. Osho on Prana and Wilhelm Reich Orgone boxes
  5. Osho - Accept your limitations, Accept your Imperfections
  6. Osho on Sigmund Freud Life, Western psychology and Meditation
  7. Osho on Psychology, Psychology is still a very very immature science
  8. Osho on Abraham Maslow terms Self-Actualization and Peak Experience
  9. Osho - Psychotherapy is instrumental, helpful, but alone it is meaningless
  10. Osho on dividing line between Western psychology and Eastern mysticism
  11. Osho on Psychology of the Buddhas and Alfred Adler idea of 'Will to Power'
  12. Osho - Psychoanalysis and Psychosynthesisis cannot solve man's problems
  13. Osho on Psychotherapy - Psychotherapy has not done much good to Humanity
  14. Osho - Freud, Jung, Janov, they all remain ill. They have never worked it out on themselves
  15. Osho on Roberto Assagioli - Assagioli's idea of synthesis is more philosophical than existential
  16. Osho on Aldous Huxley, LSD and Samadhi - LSD gives you unconsciousness, not consciousness