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Osho on Madame Blavatsky


Madame Blavatsky


Osho on Madame Blavatsky - With me there is no possibility of any belief. I will destroy all your beliefs so that you can be a freedom, a bird on the wing in the open sky. But very few are the people who are in search of freedom. Those who are not in search of freedom are bound to leave me; it is natural. And I don't prevent anyone, because even to interfere is against my approach and my respect for individual dignity.

Secondly there are many who are not interested in understanding existence, their own being, but are very much interested like small children in puzzles, esoteric ideologies, occult phenomena. Just because something is irrational, illogical does not mean that it is truth, does not mean that it is going to give you your innermost being and its treasure. There are thousands of esoteric schools, theologies, theosophies and they are very interesting in a way -- but they are interesting because you are retarded! They look very magical and there are people who exploit your retardedness.

The founder of the Theosophical movement, Madame Blavatsky, was found guilty of strange kinds of things; you cannot call them crimes, you can simply call them fraud. She had a servant named Damodar. While she was traveling by train she would be in first class and Damodar would be in third class. Suddenly Damodar would fall flat on the floor of the compartment, unconscious, foaming.

Naturally, the train was stopped, people gathered and then Madame Blavatsky would come and do some abracadabra. Damodar would immediately open his eyes and everybody would see "what a tremendously spiritual powerful woman..." And nobody knew that he was her servant and that was his only job. Finally in a court case Damodar was forced to admit that he had played a part in many kinds of frauds.

Beautiful letters still exist, that were written by Blavatsky herself. She made a special ceiling... Her followers would sit in Adyar, Madras, with closed eyes in the dark night -- no light because divine masters don't want to be seen. Damodar was hiding and would slip a letter from the ceiling. A light would be brought in... the letter was coming from Master K.H. Those are beautiful letters; they are collected and published. There was no need... the letters themselves are significant, but this way they became very mystical.

Now the followers were not just reading letters written by human hands, but by a great master who is the guide of all those who are in search of the ultimate truth.

I have been in the place in Adyar from where those letters have been dropped, and strange is the gullibility of human beings.... The writing is clearly human, the paper is material, the ink is material, and looked at closely, anybody could have figured that it is the writing of Blavatsky herself and nobody else. But when you want to believe you become blind. When you want to believe you don't listen to any rationality, your own reason ... it feels good to believe.

Blavatsky created one of the greatest esoteric schools in the world, the Theosophical movement. And the reasons people believed in that movement were all neither rational nor mystical, nor based on spiritual experience. In a certain way they were cunning, fraudulent, but very sufficing, very satisfying, very gratifying.

Source - Osho Book "Om Shantih Shantih Shantih"


Osho on Madame Blavatsky - Love is not a quantity; it is a quality, and a quality of a certain category that grows by giving and dies if you hold it. If you are miserly about it, it dies. So be really spendthrift. Don't bother to whom -- that is really the idea of a miserly mind: I will give love to certain persons with certain qualities.

You don't understand that you have so much... you are a raincloud. The raincloud does not bother where it rains -- on the rocks, in the gardens, in the ocean -- it doesn't matter. It wants to unburden itself. And that unburdening is a tremendous relief.
So the first secret is: Don't ask for it, and don't wait, thinking that you will give if somebody asks you. Give it!

The founder of the theosophical movement, Madame Blavatsky had a strange habit her whole life -- and she lived long, and traveled all over the world and created a world movement... In fact no other woman has been so powerful in the whole history of man, has had influence worldwide. She used to carry many bags with her, full of seeds of flowers. Her whole luggage was nothing but seeds of flowers. Sitting in the train by the side of the window she would go on throwing seeds outside the window, and people would ask, "What are you doing? You carry so much unnecessary luggage, and then you go on throwing those seeds out of the window for thousands of miles."

She said, "These are seeds of flowers, beautiful flowers. When the summer goes and the rains come, these seeds will become plants. Soon there will be millions of flowers. I will not be coming back on the route and I will never see them, but thousands of people will see them, thousands of people will enjoy their fragrance."
She actually made almost all the railroads in India full of flowers, and people said, "When you will not see them again, what is your joy?"

She said, "My joy is that so many people will be joyful. I am not a miser. Whatever I can do to make people joyful, happy, I will do; it is part of my love." She really loved humanity, and did everything that she felt was right.

Just give your love to anybody -- a stranger. It is not a question that you have to give something very valuable, just a helping hand and that will be enough. In twenty-four hours, whatever you do should be done with love, and the pain in your heart will disappear. And because you will be loving so much, people will love you. It is a natural law. You get what you give. In fact you get more than you give. Learn giving, and you will find so many people being loving towards you who had never looked at you, who had never bothered about you.

Source - Osho Book "Beyond Psychology"


Osho on Madame Blavatsky

Madame Blavatsky

Osho on Madame Blavatsky
- I am reminded of one very important woman... because there have been a very small number of women who can be called important, but this woman was certainly important -- Madame Blavatsky. She founded a great movement, Theosophy. She used to travel all over the world, except Russia -- and Russia was her native land.

It happens again and again; it seems to be almost a rule, a law. Blavatsky wandered all over the earth but could not enter Russia, her own birthplace, her own land. But wherever she went, she always used to carry two bags, on both shoulders, filled with seeds of beautiful flowers. Sitting in a train, from the window she would go on throwing seeds outside the train. People thought that she was mad. People asked, "What is the purpose? You may never come again on this route."

She said, "That is not the point. I may not come but the spring will come. I may not come, but whoever passes by here will see the beautiful flowers."

Source - Osho Book "The Messiah, Vol 1"


Osho on Madame Blavatsky - There is a question about Alice Bailey, who claims that some Master K. has been sending messages to her from Tibetan mountains. This is quite possible, and Alice Bailey may be right. In fact, there are bodiless souls in the universe who are very compassionate and loving to us and who try to help us even from their ethereal existence. And they do send messages if they come across some suitable medium.

Alice Bailey is not the first person on this earth to have received such messages. Many people like Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Colonel Olcott and Leadbeater have worked as mediums for such bodiless souls in the past. And by contacting such souls who have attained higher states of spiritual growth many things can be known and communicated.

Source - Osho Book "Krishna: The Man and His Philosophy"


Osho on Madame Blavatsky- Nobody, I think, can compete with Blavatsky as far as esotericism is concerned -- except me of course; I can write seven hundred volumes. That's why I have avoided speaking on THE SECRET DOCTRINE: because if I speak on the seven volumes of THE SECRET DOCTRINE, then, Inshallah, God willing, I will produce seven hundred volumes, not less than that.

It has been reported to me that I have already spoken three hundred and thirty-six books. My God! God is merciful -- merciful because I don't have to read them. I have not read any of them. But Blavatsky would have immediately made something out of it. That's what I call esotericism. Three hundred and thirty-six: three-three-six, that means three plus three is six... sixty-six; six plus six is twelve... one plus two... again three! The moment you come to three then you cannot stop the esoteric; he has got the key. The esoteric will open doors you have never imagined. Three is enough to open all doors, locked or unlocked.

Blavatsky, poor woman -- I pity her and love her too, in spite of her face, which is not lovable, not even likable, what to say of love! Her face could only be used to frighten children when they are doing something nasty. Blavatsky had a very ugly face -- but I pity the woman: in the world of men, made by men, dominated by men, she is the only woman who asserted, dominated, and started the first religion ever by any woman... Theosophy. She competed with Buddha, Zarathustra, Mohammed, and I thank her for that. Somebody needed to do it. The man has to be put in his place. I thank her for that.

THE SECRET DOCTRINE, although so full of esoteric bullshit, has many beautiful diamonds too and many lotuses. There is much rubbish in it because she was a collector. She went on collecting all kinds of rubbish from everywhere possible, without bothering whether it was useful or not. She was great at putting all that useless nonsense in a systematic way. A very systematic woman. But there are a few -- sad to say only a few -- diamonds here and there. On the whole the book is not worth much. I am including it just so that a few women are included in my list and I am not thought to be a male chauvinist. I am not. I may be a female chauvinist, but not a male chauvinist at all.

Source - Osho Book "Books I have Loved"

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