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Osho on Female Creativity - Female Creative Spirit

Question: Could you speak of the creative Female? I am a woman, And the creative spirit burns strongly in me. Recently, You mentioned that there should be much art and music, But it was in reference to men. I know women can offer a Vision, an insight, a Softness to the world of art that has Never before been seen. I feel it has a different base to Start from. Perhaps it is because art can be born out of Love and no longer needs to be Conquered.

Osho : Creativity is not concerned whether you are man or woman. If you feel to be creative, do it. But don't think that you are going to give creativity something higher, something that man has failed to do. Why always go on putting dividing lines between man and woman? The truth is that every man carries a woman within him, and every woman carries a man within her. And it is bound to be so, because whether you are man or woman, you are created by one man, one woman. They have contributed to you half and half.

Your father and your mother both are alive in you. It is only a question of which side of the coin is facing up and which side is underneath. That's why it is so easy for Leeladhar to change a man into a woman, or a woman into a man, because the basic reality is similar -- just a little bit of difference which makes no difference. Even a plastic surgeon can do it, you don't need a spiritual surgeon for it. Certainly, it will be a better art if both men and women are creating from their different angles. But the way you say it, you don't understand creativity at all.

You say creativity can be out of love; painting, sculpture and dancing need not be conquered. But the possibility is ninety-nine percent that love is so fulfilling you will not bother to paint. You will not bother to waste your time in making a statue. Love is so fulfilling that who cares about writing poetry? Poetry is written by people who have missed the train. Now they are somehow consoling themselves by writing poetry about love -- love they do not know. It is very difficult to be creative out of love. Yes, a different kind of creativity will be there.

If you love a man, perhaps your kitchen will become the field of your creativity. You would like your man to have the best food. You would like the man to have the best clothes. Just look at my clothes! This is creativity out of love. Rarely is it possible for a woman who loves, to be bothered about painting, poetry, dancing, et cetera. It is really man's inferiority complex -- that he cannot love so deeply, that he cannot give birth to a child -- that makes him have to find some substitutes to compete with the woman.

He creates painting, he creates sculpture, he creates architecture, he creates the landscape for a garden. He wants to feel that he can also create. It is basically coming out of his inferiority. He can see the woman and her immense power of creating life. He creates a dead statue -- howsoever beautiful it is, it is dead. Whoever has asked the question seems to be against men, and any woman who is against men is herself becoming something unnatural. Being against men, she is becoming a man herself.

Psychologically she is now feeling inferior because the man can paint and create music and dance. Naturally, she will have to stop giving birth to children so her own creativity can be directed towards these things: painting, poetry, music. But I would like you to know you that will be a loser. You are competing with man, and you need not compete; you are already superior. You need not write poetry, you are poetry. Your love is your music. Your heart throbbing with your lover is your dance!

But if you want to create poetry, music and dance, you will have to deprive yourself of love. You will have to be in the same space where man is: feeling inferior and then finding substitutes for creativity. That is ugly. I cannot give my support to it. The woman is the superior sex; she need not prove it. But if she feels that she has no desire for children, and she wants to paint and she wants to compose music, it is perfectly good. In fact, many women should do that, because the earth is so overpopulated.

You will be a great help if you divert your creativity from children to paintings, because paintings don't need food. Dancing is perfectly good. Dance as much as you want, it creates no Ethiopia. Write poetry. Because of your poetry, perhaps a few people will have to suffer listening to it, getting bored with it, but that is not much of a problem. They can manage to avoid you. But if there is no desire to give birth to children, it is absolutely right. Certainly you will have to create something else.

Do it, but don't think that your creativity will be higher than that of man. It cannot be, for the simple reason that you are the superior sex, you don't have that inferiority in you which is the incentive for man to put all his life into his painting. He is competing with your baby! And even if he is a Picasso, he dies in despair. His whole life he tried to paint something, but no painting can be alive, no poetry can be alive. So remember that a woman can create, but most probably her creativity will be just third-rate.

But it is good for the world. We don't want any more population, we want to cut the population to one-fourth of what it is today. So you will be helping a great project. You will be a blessing not giving birth to a child. But drop the idea that you will be creating something superior out of love. If you really want to create something, don't think of love either, because love is so satisfying, so fulfilling. It is such a miracle, who wants to write poetry?

I have never come across a single lover, man or woman, who has created poetry, who has created paintings, who has created sculptures, for the simple reason that they are so contented. All these creative things need a discontent, a wound which you have to cover up. I am perfectly happy with your idea. Just do whatever creative endeavor you want to; but remember, you don't have the inferiority complex of man, so you cannot compete with man in any way. You are already in a better position. Man is poor; just have compassion on the poor guy.


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  Osho on Female Creativity