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Osho on Woman Liberation

Question: Why women are not yet liberated?

Osho : This is one of the reasons why women are not yet liberated, because they cannot become a force together. They sympathize with the man; their sympathy is not for other women. With other women they have a relationship only of jealousy -- if she has better clothes, if she has better ornaments, if she has a good car, if she has a better house. Their only relationship with other women is of jealousy. But if every woman is jealous of every other woman, then naturally this is one of the fundamental causes of their slavery.

They cannot become a force; otherwise they are half the number of people -- they could have managed to become liberated long ago. Any time they wanted to be liberated there was nothing to prevent them. They are their own enemies. One thing every woman has to remember is that man has divided you in such a cunning way that you can never become a force. You are jealous of each other; you don't have any sympathy for each other. You would rather sympathize with men -- not your man of course! It has to be somebody else's man.


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