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  Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - Meditation Technique 95


Osho - A few important points before I enter this....

Shiva is talking to Parvati, to Devi, his consort, so this technique is specifically for women. There are a few points to be understood. One: the male body and the female body are similar, but still, different in many, many ways. And the difference is always complementary. Whatsoever is positive in the male body will be negative in the female body; and whatsoever is positive in the female body will be negative in the male body. That is why when they meet in deep orgasm, they become one organism. The positive meets the negative, the negative meets the positive, and both become one -- one circle of electricity. Hence, so much attraction for sex, so much appeal. This appeal is not because man is a sinner or immoral, it is not because the modern world has become too licentious, it is not because of obscene films and literature -- it is very deep rooted, very cosmic.

The attraction is because both male and female are half circuits, and there is an inherent tendency in existence to transcend whatsoever is incomplete and to become complete. This is one of the ultimate laws -- the tendency towards completion. Wherever you feel something is lacking, you feel that you would like to fill it, to make it complete. Nature abhors incompleteness, any type of incompleteness. The male is incomplete, the female is incomplete, and they can have only one moment of completion -- when their electric circuits become one, when the two are dissolved. That's why the two most important words in all languages are love and prayer. In love you become one with a single individual; in prayer you become one with the whole cosmos. And love and prayer are similar as far as their inner workings are concerned.

Male and female bodies are similar, but their positive and negative poles are different. When a child is born in the mother's womb, for a few weeks, at least for six weeks I think, he is neutral -- he is neither male nor female. He has the tendency, but the body is still just in the middle. Then after six weeks the body will become either male or female. If it becomes female, then the polarity of sex energy will be near the breasts, the positive pole -- because the female vagina is the negative pole. If the child is male, the sex center, the penis, will be the positive pole, and the breasts are also there -- the whole mechanism is there -- but they are negative. In the female body a counterpart to the penis exists, the clitoris, but it is non-functional -- it has no function.

Physiologists have been raising questions about why there are breasts in the male body when there appears to be no need because a child is not going to be fed. What is the need? They are negative poles. Hence so much attraction of the male mind towards female breasts -- they are positive electricity. So much poetry, literature, painting, sculpture, everything, is concerned with female breasts. Really, it seems man is less concerned with the whole of the feminine body, and more concerned with the breasts. And this is not something new. The oldest primitive paintings in the caves are of breasts, so emphatically of breasts that the whole body is just around them. Breasts are basic.

This technique is for women because their positive electricity pole is in the breasts. Really, as far as the vagina is concerned, it is more or less insensitive. The breasts are the most sensitive parts, and the whole creativity of the feminine body is around the breasts.

That is why Hindus have been saying that unless a woman becomes a mother she is not fulfilled. The same is not true for men -- no one will say that unless a man becomes a father he is not fulfilled. To be a father is accidental. It may be, it may not be. It is not very basic, and a man can remain without being a father without losing anything. But a woman will lose something because her whole creativity, her whole functioning, comes only when she becomes a mother. When her breasts become the center of her being she becomes total. And she cannot come to the breasts unless a child is there to call. So men marry women to get wives, and women marry men to become mothers -- not to get husbands. Their basic sole interest is to have a child who will call their womanhood. So really, husbands are always afraid, because the moment a child is born they move to the periphery of the woman's interest -- the child becomes the center. So fathers always feel jealous because the children come in-between. And now the woman is more interested in the children than in the father of the children. He has become a peripheral existence -- necessary for survival but non-essential. Now the basic need has been fulfilled.

In the West now there is a trend, a fashion, not to feed children directly from the breasts. This is very dangerous because it means that the woman will not come to the creative center of her being. When a man loves a woman he can lover her breasts, he will love them, but he cannot call them mother. Only a small child can call them mother. Or if the love is very deep -- so deep that the husband becomes just like a child -- then it is possible. Then the woman forgets completely that she is just a consort and she becomes a mother to her lover. Then there will be no need for a child; she can become a mother and the center of being can happen near the breasts.

This technique says: FEEL THE FINE QUALITIES OF CREATIVITY PERMEATING YOUR BREASTS AND ASSUMING DELICATE CONFIGURATIONS. The whole creativity of feminine existence is rooted in motherhood. That is why women are not interested in any other type of creativity. Man is a creator; woman is not a creator. She has not painted, she has not created great poetry, she has not written big books, she has not created great religions -- she has not done anything really. But man goes on creating, he is mad. He goes on inventing, creating, making, constructing. Tantra says that this is because man is not a creator by nature -- he remains unfulfilled, tense. He wants to become a mother, he wants to become a creator, so he creates poetry, he creates books, he creates many things, he will `mother' many things. But a woman is at ease. If she can really become a mother she is fulfilled, she is not interested. It is only when a woman cannot become a mother, cannot love, cannot really come to the peak of her creativity, that she will start thinking about doing something else. So basically, uncreative women will become creators -- poets and painters -- but they will always be second-rate, they cannot be first-rate. It is just as impossible for them to be creators of paintings and poetry and other things, as it is impossible for man to create a child. He cannot become a mother, that is biologically impossible. And he feels the gap. To fill the gap he goes on doing many things -- but still even a great creator is not as fulfilled, or only very rarely, as a woman is if she really becomes a mother.

A Buddha is fulfilled because he has created himself. He is reborn, he has given rebirth to himself, he is a new man, he is both father and mother to himself now. He can feel fulfilled.

A woman can feel fulfilled more easily. Her creativity is just around the breasts. That's why all over the world, women are concerned so much with their breasts -- it is as if their whole existence is concentrated there. They are always alert about their breasts -- hiding or exhibiting, but always concerned. The breasts are their most secret part, their treasure, their center of being; of being mother, of being a creator.

Shiva says: FEEL THE FINE QUALITIES OF CREATIVITY PERMEATING YOUR BREASTS AND ASSUMING DELICATE CONFIGURATIONS. Just concentrate on the breasts, become one with them, forget the whole body. Move your total consciousness to the breasts and many phenomena will happen to you. If you can do this, if you can concentrate totally near the breasts, the whole body will lose weight, and a very sweet, deep sweetness will envelop you. It will pulsate around you, within you, above, below, everywhere -- a deep feeling of sweetness.

Really, all the techniques that have been developed have been developed more or less by man, so they always give centers which are easier for men to follow. As far as I know, only Shiva has given some techniques which are basically for women. A man cannot do this. Really if a man tries to concentrate near the breasts he will become very uneasy. Try it. Even within five minutes you will start perspiring and you will become very uneasy, because male breasts are negative, they will give you negativity. You will feel uneasy, uncomfortable, that something is going wrong in the body, ill.

But female breasts are positive. If women concentrate near the breasts, they will feel very happy, very blissful, a sweetness will pervade all over their being and their body will lose gravity. They will feel light, as if they can fly. And with this concentration many things will change: you will become more motherly. You may not become a mother but you will become more motherly. To everyone your relationship will become motherly -- more compassion, more love will happen. But this concentration near the breasts should be done very relaxedly, not tensely. If you are tense about it there will be a division between you and the breasts. Relax and melt into them, and feel that you are no more, that only the breasts are there.

If man has to do the same he will have to do it with the sex center, not with the breasts. Hence the importance of the first chakra in all kundalini yogas. He has to concentrate just at the root of the penis -- there he has the creativity, there he is positive. And remember this always: never concentrate on anything negative because with the negative everything negative will follow. With the positive, everything positive will follow.

When the two poles of man and woman meet, negative is in the upper part of man, positive is in the lower; and negative is in the lower part of woman and positive in the upper. These two poles of positive and negative meet and a circle is created. That circle is blissful, but it is not ordinary. In ordinary sexual acts, the circle does not happen -- that is why you feel so attracted towards sex, and so repelled also. You feel so much for it, you need it so much, you ask for it so much, but when it is given, when it is there, you feel frustration -- nothing happens. It is possible only when both the bodies are very relaxed and very open to each other without any fear, without any resistance. Then the let-go is so complete that the electricities can merge and meet and become a circle.

Then there is a very strange phenomenon.... Tantra has recorded it but you may not have heard of it. This phenomenon is a very strange one. When two lovers really meet and become a circle then a flickering happens. For a moment the lover becomes the beloved and the beloved becomes the lover, and the next moment, again the lover is lover and the beloved is the beloved. The male becomes the female for a moment, then the female becomes the male for the moment -- because the energy is moving, and it has become one circle. So it will happen that the male will be active for a few minutes and then he will relax and the female will become active. That means that now the male energy has passed to the female body and she will act while the male will remain passive. And this will go on. Ordinarily you are man, and woman. In deep love, in deep orgasm, it will happen that for moments man will become woman, and the woman will become man. It will be felt, absolutely felt and recognized, that the passivity changes.

In life there is rhythm; in everything there is rhythm. When you take a breath, the breath goes in -- then for a few seconds it stops, there is no movement. Then again it moves, out it goes -- and again there is a stop, a gap, no movement. Movement, no movement, movement. When your heart beats, there is one beat, gap, another beat, gap. The beat means male, the non-beat gap means female.

Life is rhythm. When two persons meet, male and female, it becomes a circle: there will be gaps for both. You will be a woman and suddenly there will be a gap and you are no longer a woman, you have become a man. You will be man and woman and man. When these gaps are felt you can feel that you have achieved a circle. This circle is represented in Shiva's symbol-the shiva-linga. This circle is represented by the yoni of Devi and linga of Shiva. It is a circle. It is one of the peak phenomena of two high energies meeting.

This technique will be good. FEEL THE FINE QUALITIES OF CREATIVITY PERMEATING YOUR BREASTS AND ASSUMING DELICATE CONFIGURATIONS. Simply relax, move into the breasts, let your breasts become your whole being. Let the whole body be just a situation for the breasts to exist, your body has become secondary, just a background, and the breasts are emphasized. And you are totally relaxing in them, moving in them. Then your creativity will arise. The feminine creativity arises only when the breasts become active. Merge into them and you will feel creativity arising.

What does it mean when creativity arises? You will have many visions around you. Buddha and Mahavir have said in their past lives that when they are born their mothers will see certain visions, certain dreams. Because of those dreams, it could be predicted that a Buddha was going to be born. Sixteen visions would follow each other.

I have been experimenting with this. If a woman really melts into her breasts, certain visions will follow in a certain sequence. She will start seeing certain things. To different women there will be different sequences, but I will tell you a few. One, there will be figures, human figures, and if the woman is going to give birth to a child, then the figure of the child will appear. If total melting has happened in the breasts then the woman can see what type of child is going to be born to her. The figure will appear, and then it will be more clear. If she is not going to be a mother soon or she is not pregnant, then very unknown scents, perfumes will happen around her. The breasts can become sources of very delicate perfumes which are not of this world, which cannot be created chemically; sounds, harmonious sounds will be heard; all the realms of creativity can appear in new and many configurations. All that has happened to great painters and poets will happen to the woman if she can melt into her breasts.

And this will be so real that it will change her total personality -- she will become different. And if she goes on with these visions, by and by they will drop, and a moment will come when nothingness, void, emptiness will happen -- SHUNYATA will happen. This SHUNYATA is the highest of meditations.

So remember this: if you are a woman, don't concentrate on the third eye. It will be better for you to concentrate near the breasts -- on the breasts, right on the two nipples of the breasts. Concentrate there. And the second thing: don't concentrate on one breast -- concentrate on both simultaneously. If you concentrate on one, your body will immediately be disturbed. Even paralysis is possible if you concentrate on only one. So just concentrate on both simultaneously, melt into them and allow whatsoever happens to happen. Just go on watching and don't get attached to any rhythm because the rhythms will be very beautiful, just heavenly. Don't get attached. Go on watching them and be a witness. A moment will come when they will start disappearing -- and when SHUNYATA, nothingness, happens, when just space, just space remains and the breasts have disappeared, then you are under the Bodhi tree.


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