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  Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - Meditation Technique 11


Osho - This looks very simple, but it is not so simple. I will read it again: STOP THE DOORS OF THE SENSES WHEN FEELING THE CREEPING OF AN ANT. THEN. This is only an example; anything will do. STOP THE DOORS OF THE SENSES WHEN FEELING THE CREEPING OF AN ANT, and then -- THEN -- the thing will happen. What is Shiva saying?

You have a thorn in your foot -- it is painful, you are suffering. Or one ant is there creeping on your leg. You feel the creeping and suddenly you want it to be thrown away. Take any experience! You have a wound -- it is painful. You have a headache, or any pain in the body. Anything will do as an object. It is only an example -- the CREEPING OF AN ANT. Shiva says: STOP THE DOORS OF THE SENSES WHEN FEELING THE CREEPING OF AN ANT. Whatsoever you are feeling, stop all the doors of the senses.

What is to be done? Close your eyes and think that you are just blind and you cannot see. Close your ears and think that you cannot hear. With all of the five senses, you just close them. How can you close them? It is easy. Stop breathing for a single moment: all your senses will be closed. When the breath has stopped and all the senses are closed, where is this creeping? Where is the ant? Suddenly you are removed -- far away.

One of my friends, an old friend, very aged, fell down the staircase, and doctors said that now he would not be able to move from his bed for three months, he would have to rest for three months. And he was a very restless man; it was difficult for him. I went to see him, so he said, "Pray for me and bless me so that I may die, because these three months are more than death. I cannot remain stone-like. And others are saying, `Don't move.'"

I told him, "This is a good opportunity. Just close your eyes and think that you are only a stone, you cannot move. How can you move? You are a stone -- just a stone, a statue. Close your eyes. Feel that you are now a stone, a statue." He asked me what will happen. I told him, "Just try. I am sitting here, and nothing can be done. Nothing can be done! You will have to be here for three months anyhow, so try."

He would have never tried, but the situation was so impossible that he said, "Okay! I will try because something may happen. But I don't believe it," he said. "I don't believe that something can happen just by thinking that I am stone-like, dead like a statue, but I will try." So he tried.

I was also not thinking that something was going to happen, because the man was such. But sometimes when you are in an impossible situation, hopeless, things begin to happen. He closed his eyes. I waited, because I was thinking that within two or three minutes he would open them and he would say, "Nothing happened." But he would not open his eyes, and thirty minutes passed. I could feel and see that he had become a statue. All the tension on his forehead disappeared. His face was changed.

I had to leave, but he would not open his eyes. And he was so silent, as if dead. His breathing calmed down, and because I had to leave, I had to tell him, "I want to go now, so please open your eyes and tell me what has happened."

He opened his eyes a different man. And he said, "This is a miracle. What have you done to me?"

I told him, "I have not done anything at all."

He said, "You must have done something because this is a miracle. When I began to think that I am just like a stone, like a statue, suddenly the feeling came to me that even if I wanted to move my hands it was impossible to do so. I wanted so many times to open my eyes, but they were like stone so I couldn't open them."

He said, "I even became worried about what you will be thinking, as it was so long, but what could I do? I couldn't move myself for these thirty minutes. And when every movement ceased, suddenly the world disappeared and I was alone, deep down in me, myself. Then the pain disappeared."

There was severe pain; he could not sleep in the night without a tranquilizer. But the pain disappeared. I asked him how he felt when the pain was disappearing. He said, "First I began to feel that it was somewhere distant. The pain was there, but very far away as if happening to someone else. And then by and by, by and by, as if someone is going away and away and you cannot see him, it disappeared. The pain disappeared! For at least ten minutes, the pain was no more. How can a stone body have pain?"

This sutra says, STOP THE DOORS OF THE SENSES. Become stone-like, closed to the world. When you are closed to the world, really, you are closed to your own body also, because your body is not part of you; it is part of the world. When you are closed completely to the world, you are closed to your own body also. Then, Shiva says, then the thing will happen.

So try it with the body. Anything will do, you will not need some ant creeping on you. Otherwise you will think, "When the ant will creep, I will meditate." And such helpful ants are difficult to find, so anything will do. You are lying on your bed, you feel the cold sheets -- become dead. Suddenly the sheets will go away, away, away, and they will disappear. Your bed will disappear; your bedroom will disappear; the whole world will disappear. You are closed, dead, a stone, like a Leibnitzian monad with no window outside -- no window! You cannot move!

And then, when you cannot move, you are thrown back to yourself, you are centered in yourself. Then, for the first time you can look from your center. And once you can look from your center, you can never be the same man again.

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