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2500 years maitreya herenow

bhagwan has started the rajneesh upanishad
sitting at the feet of the master
these discourses are soon to become a new phase
i can understand where they are going to lead
mysteries upon mysteries to be revealed in these discourses

knowingly i remain in bombay for this week
the secret door opens through govind siddharth

some part of the whole experience i had undergone that july night
revealed in his question like declaration

it was also my experience that night
so i realise he has seen the second half
he has not seen me…and the struggle
this part is obscured from his vision and realisation

i hear bhagwan say
it has not only happened to you alone
that there are two more persons present here
to whom the same experience has happened at the same time
that they are also hesitating whether to declare it or not
their hesitation is natural because the declaration is so big
one feels so small but it cannot be kept with you
like a pregnant woman how long could she hide her pregnancy
that one day she is going to give birth to a child

that one feels embarrassed on how to say it

and that too to say it in a world which is sceptical
where people are deaf as far as truth is concerned
in a world where people are blind as far as beauty is concerned
where people dont have hearts as far as feeling sensitivity is concerned
that one felt alone to declare such a thing
but that it is not out of ego…one cannot declare such a thing out of ego
because the ego feels embarrassed and does not like to feel embarrassed
it is out of humbleness that one declares such an experience

and again i hear him say
he was waiting…who out of these three persons was going to declare it first
govind siddharth had proved really humble courageous
whatever he was saying…he has seen it not in sleep…not in dream

it was true that j krishnamurti was prepared for exactly this phenomenon
gautam buddha had promised that after 25 centuries he would come
as lord maitreya…maitreya means the friend

teasingly i hear him say
that govind siddharths difficulty was that he could not keep it a secret
that one of the most difficult things in the world was to keep a secret
and that too such a secret

and yet again i hear him tease
that there were two more persons present here
and if they gathered courage…their questions will be coming…if they could
not gather courage then they would always remain burdened with a secret

i freeze into a cold sweat when i hear these words
is he asking me to come forward in the same way
by this way of strange question type declaration
it would be like asking for a certificate…beginning of a spiritual ego trip
outside sumila i can see sannyasins gather around govind siddharth
reverently bowing to him
i find it beautiful and also want to bow to him and acknowledge his vision
but the crowd was too much
i knew his eye had opened…that he had seen part of this great event

i did not want to be surrounded like that
it was simply not my way…not the way i am
always guarding my privacy and valuing my total aloneness
i hate people bowing and touching my feet

for me it is crystal clear that bhagwan has only stated
that govind siddharth has reached the point of enlightenment
it was not enough according to my understanding
reaching the point of enlightenment
was just the very beginning of the journey

and these were my exact same words
when privately asked about govind siddharths experience those days

i remained silent
and continued to follow the revelations that were pouring out of him
in more and more questions…it was becoming a story
i return to poona excited but silent
i knew that a tremendous new movement was on the verge of exploding

i predict that bhagwan will soon return to poona

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