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i can see others running by me…i can see others in the near distance
i must continue my marathon run
and as if by magic i stand up like a feather
am so fresh and exploding with life as if i have just started my run

i feel my legs flying off the ground
they are not even touching the earth
how is this happening

i can almost sprint the last mile…i feel like a superman
just laughing my last mile as if i have found some new unknown secret

i finish the three mile marathon…and want to run another three miles
the marathon run was just too short
i start running up towards the school…another mile and a half
my friends are shocked…they all think that i have cheated
taken a shortcut or taken a car ride in the middle

i do not want to talk about this to my friends or the doctor
already the doctor has stopped me from running

i remember a very close school friend of mine mazumdar
who was a mathematical genius
he was so close to me i could confide in him about my unusual experiences
he always heard me and somehow i felt he understood
one morning he ran away…the whole school went on red alert looking for him
nowhere to be found the police were sent to search
it took a few days till they discovered that he had run away to a tibetan
monastery and actually asked to become a monk
they finally brought him back to school and his parents were called
due to his absolute resolution they allowed him to become a monk
this incident haunted me for the next few years and i admired
him immensely and wished that i had such courage to become a monk

mountain trekking camping to tongaloo
for the duke of edinburghs award scheme

am walking to tongaloo
the last four hours through thick dense forest
it had been raining and now beginning to get misty
i have lost track of our school camping group which has gone far ahead

tired i sit down on moss covered rocks
suddenly i realise that i am all alone and lost in this deep forest

the air is getting more and more silent
and i begin to hear it buzzing louder and louder
like thousands of bees descending into my ears

scared i want to run
but am frozen still
is it fear or has my body just become too heavy to move

the whole forest is buzzing and becoming alive
the trees are becoming greener and brighter
they seem to be alive and flowing towards me like water
i can almost feel them touching me from a distance
pulling me towards them

the buzzing in my ears has become unbearable
almost bursting my eardrums
then suddenly a silence descends
and out of nowhere a huge dark space floats over me like a cloud
dark and darker and soft like velvet it envelopes me completely

i fall into a dark unconscious space
i want to move and struggle but am completely paralysed
and have no will over my limbs or body
it has become heavy like lead and i fall unconscious

hours later i wake up
i do not know how much time has passed…it is getting dark
the buzz in the forest has become louder but gentler
and my mouth sweeter
i am intoxicated with the sound

i stand up…weightlessly…i seem to be floating in the air
something has picked me up…and i walk as if on wings
completely floating and light

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