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understanding bhagwans method of instant enlightenment
or the schools of gradual enlightenment

it is clear that bhagwan is perfectly right
that enlightenment is sudden
without this first sudden experience of superconsciousness
nothing is possible

and thereafter
a gradual awakening of superconsciousness to cosmic consciousness
dissolving into the final state

the gradual method of enlightenment is simply ridiculous
a postponement
one simply remains in the shell forever


my understanding of sannyasins was deep and clear
that there were six billion people on this planet earth
just one million were his disciples
that bhagwan had chosen his disciples
he knew each sannyasins potentiality
his vast vision saw far far ahead


at these brave and rare individuals
have each in their own way broken away from the mould
suffering isolation from family friends and society…financial difficulties

that they were all here for the love of bhagwan
had the courage to fall at his feet and take sannyas
they had earned my love respect and gratitude

i would judge them to be my loving friends and fellow travellers
bhagwan begins to watch me closely
i am aware of his insights of the possible pitfalls
that perhaps i will now grow my spiritual ego

i now know bhagwan can look into my being
he knows all the spiritual possibilities that are present in me

but the mind…the human ego and will to power
that was another matter

it was all a matter of individual conditioning…individual attitudes
that anyone could decide when to turn and declare enlightenment

this was my freedom for the mind to play games
or the fear to stop going deeper and declare the experience
the ego knows how to hide deep in the basement of the unconscious

i was aware
and aware of his concern for my completion
this is his compassion to guard me closely and guide me lovingly

i was becoming a mature devotee
i was in love with bhagwan
i had completely forgotten and dropped my enlightenment
there was more to dive into…there was more to rediscover
i was under his wings warm and cosy

my love for him was far greater
i was another mahakashyap to be

i went deeper into the black hole
this was the final frontier
the ultimate truth


what is omnipotent…omnipresent…omniscient
indestructible…pervades all…knows all
no taste…no smell…no touch…no sound…no sight
cannot be created was always present…nor destroyed will always remain
beyond space…beyond time
has its own source of light…eternal

the black hole…was the unknowable…the ultimate mystery


i had begun understanding what had happened
light can only be perceived from the dark
the experience of an atomic explosion of light
light exploding everywhere
was seen from within the black hole


the inner experience black…the outer experience light
nirvana…the cessation of the flame…the outer the eternal flame

the black hole…the very inner core of being

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