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the experience of sound became strange
it was almost as if sound came from everywhere
and i was sitting inside it…like ripples all moving in circles…around me
the more i experienced this the more i became aware of my silences

it was becoming deafening…the ripples around me
the silences deepened
i was being drowned into a sound of a hum
humming like millions of bees in my head
sometimes it was too loud…unbearable
but it was out of my control

my touch began to expand
the rock i sat on felt almost like feathers
i could feel my hands were alive with a feather like touch

i am now always looking upwards
the spot between my eyebrows was in a hypnotic state
a drill like force pressing into it gripping my forehead like a bench vice
i could not look down
my eyes always looking up to the sky
as if waiting for something to appear in front of me

while my inner senses started reaching outwards
i could feel that they were also moving inwards…a merger
inside to outside and outside to inside
sensitivity grew…there were no more walls
i was vaporising

my body starts expanding and stretching like a balloon
i feel the currents in the air merging with me

from nowhere and everywhere
from the sky, the earth, the grass, the trees, the rocks, the air
all becoming animate and everything started to pour into me
my body has disappeared
i was completely transparent and vulnerable

layers and layers suddenly start opening in front of me
i am trying hard to manage and control these experiences
a multitude of experiences all pouring down into me

i need to go to the toilet…i feel a huge let go of my bowels
everything had flushed out of me
my body seemed to be preparing for something

every pore of the skin starts to ooze something out of the body
it is thick like honey flowing out of the entire skin
i become sticky…the body feels creamy…and soft like a baby

i experience a tall kundalini like opening
a fast torrent of vertical movement into the sky
my head starts to suddenly gain pressure…suddenly drop pressure
the push inside my skull is very painful
and i begin to cry within myself
and wish all this would somehow stop
it was too much…someone please stop this…i was exploding

it has started to rain
my breathing becoming more clear and open
my entire body is porous and breathing
i am becoming a breath myself

i find an umbrella…it does not remain over my head
but is swung violently to the right
i try again to bring it above my head…it is swung to the left
i cannot keep the umbrella above me
i let it go…the rain is coming down
strangely i see the rain parting above me…the rain is not falling on me
the force of this vertical torrent is dividing the rainfall
i am walking as if in a magical dream

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