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i was born prematurely at seven and a half months and in some difficulties
i was put into an incubator as i was under 6 lbs in weight
all my life i have had a very thin and fragile body…pale faced which made my parents show me to doctors frequently
due to my weightless fragile physical condition and as would soon begin to happen many paranormal incidents start surfacing during my childhood years

i recollect some such experiences during
athletics…marathons…gymnastics…kung fu

i loved running and training my body…the experiences of heightened
alertness gave me a rush and i loved physical activities
my school doctor was warned by my parents of my physical weakness
which surprised him…but he kept a close watch over me
and noticed that i was fainting into whiteouts and relapsed into
epileptic like convulsions during extreme sports

one such sprinting event…one hundred metres…i came first…gasping for
breath to finish…i ran and collapsed into a fit like convulsion on the grass
the doctor was watching the finish of the sprints…and came and saw me
white and collapsed…and wanted to bar me from sprinting
i managed to convince him that i was only out of breath and this was not
dangerous…that i had to continue as i was running for the school team
he was reluctant but kept quite

i am fourteen years of age
it is marathon season…running three miles in darjeeling
i am trying harder and harder at these practise runs
i must come first as my mother is coming to this years prize ceremony

always the same route…this point is two miles into the run
final mile left…the worst point of the marathon
a 60 degrees steep uphill road…almost two hundred metres long
we hate this part the most…at the most tiring stretch of the run

i decide that i must run with all my strength up to this point
and from here…downhill the last mile…it is easy

i always have seen the tibetan gompa on top of this hill
stopping here every time to get a break and rest a minute or so
i have put all my best efforts…and am timing my run today
totally exhausted i reach the bottom of the hill
no rest…must rush uphill and then rest
my legs today are really heavy and am suffering cramps

running uphill i reach the top
cramps have set in
and am dead tired today
i fall down

i hear the gompa bells ringing
and feel a strong energy pulling me towards the sound
i try to lift my body but cannot
it is heavy like a rock
what has happened today

i suddenly feel a huge ball of light
flying out of my body towards the gompa
i can see the gompa clearly
lying there on the ground
its golden pagoda shining with such tremendous light
the whole surrounding is on fire
and dancing in a brilliant blue and glowing softly
tibetan lamas walking and sitting around the gompa
i cannot believe it
am i standing or on the ground unconscious
how can i see through such a distance
i remain totally confused in this strange and intoxicated state

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