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Osho Mystic Rose Therapy

Osho creates the The Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy in 1988. 
It is a three hour a day process which lasts for 21 days.

During the first week, Every day for Three Hours participants laugh for no Reason.
No Kind of Communication is allowed between the participants
and each participant tries to laugh for no reason.
Aim is just to Laugh rather than finding any reason for Laughing.

Some times when laughter does not come out then participants are encouraged to Shout 'YAHOO' so that suppressed laughter comes out.  Energy of group also helps in bringing the Suppressed laughter on Surface and after some times,  specially from 2nd day onwards Laughter becomes more spontaneous and Child Like. Thus All that Suppress laughter comes out During First week.

The second week is devoted to crying -  If one Really laughs During the First week then Automatically in the Second Week Tears follow. Some times Some participants have problem in Crying, So Some times soft music is played to help in Crying. many Suppress feelings of Sadness, Hurt, Betrayal, Anger is released During 2nd week and ones feels lighter after releasing the wounds which were troubling the heart for so long.

Third week is for silent watching and meditation - After laughter and Crying Silence follows as a next Step
and one just wants to sit silent and enjoy the Silence that one sees within.

It is Recommended that participants do Dynamic Meditation in Morning, Kundalini Meditation in Evening
and be a part of White Robe brotherhood in Evening. They Aids in Letting out of Emotions

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Mystic Rose Therapy is conducted at these places:

  1.  Osho Om Bodhisattva Commune in Dehradun - http://www.oshobodhisattva.com
  2.  Oshodham in New Delhi -  http://www.oshoworld.com
  3.  Osho Nisarga in the Himalayas - http://www.oshonisarga.com
  4.  Osho Multiversity, Pune- http://www.osho.com  (offered monthly)

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Osho Mystic Rose Therapy