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Osho No Mind Meditative Therapy

Osho first introduces the No-Mind meditation as part of his evening discourses on Zen. Later on, it became a group process, lasting for two hours a day for seven days.

In the the first hour of the process Participants do Gibberish and Allow the Suppressed Emotions like Pain, Anger, Hurt, Child hood Memories to come to the surface Consciously. Participants can shout, Cry or beat Pillows. During the process Gibberish is followed with Release of Emotion. Participants do gibberish meditation and what ever comes from with in they allow it to come it to the surface with out any fear or Inhibition. Every one is busy in bringing her/his own suppressed emotions so there is no question of being afraid of being watched by others.

When one has released a particular memory and no more emotions are coming then participants start doing the gibberish meditation again. One has to be very total in the first hour of the process. Many Suppressed emotions are released in the first hour of the process thus clearing the way for silence to descend

All Osho Meditative Therapies are followed by Meditation. In the second hour of the No Mind Process, participants sit silently and Meditate. Many participants feel lot of peace and go deep in meditation easily

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