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Osho - Real Therapist does not have ego

Osho - Healing is one of the most delicate dimensions. And the delicacy consists in the healer not doing anything in it. The healer is not really a healer because he is not a doer. Healing happens through him. He has just to annihilate himself. To be a healer really means not to be. The less you are, the better healing will happen. The more you are, the more the passage is blocked.

God or the totality or whatsoever name you prefer, is the healer. The whole is the healer. The word 'healing' comes from the same root as from where the word 'whole' comes. Whole, health, healing, holy, all come from the same root. To be healed means to be joined with the whole. To he ill means to be disconnected with the whole. An ill person is one who has simply developed blocks between him and the whole, so something is disconnected.

The function of the healer is to reconnect it. But when I say the function of the healer is to reconnect it, I don't mean that the healer has to do something. The healer is just a function. The doer is God, the whole. So if you really want to become a healer you will have to completely commit suicide. You have to accept your emptiness. And that is going to become your work: to become more and more empty of yourself. So go on emptying yourself.


As nature abhors vacuum, God also abhors vacuum. When you empty yourself, from one side you go out and from another side, God comes in. He has to occupy the same space that you are occupying. The same space that the ego is occupying, is to be occupied by Him; so the ego and God cannot exist together in a person. And that's the whole problem of healing and the whole art -- how to nullify yourself, how to become a void. But it will happen....

Everybody can become a healer. Healing is something like breathing; it is natural. Somebody is ill; it means he has lost his capacity to heal himself. He is no more aware of his own healing source. The healer is to help him to be rejoined. That source is the same from which the healer draws, but the ill man has forgotten how to under-stand the language of it. The healer is in relationship with the whole, so he can become a via-media.

The healer touches the body of the ill person and becomes a link between him and the source. The patient is no longer connected directly with the source so he becomes indirectly connected. Once the energy starts flowing, he is healed. And if the healer is really a man of understanding.... Because it is possible that you can become a healer and you may not be a man of understanding.

There are many healers who go on doing it but they don't know how it happens; they don't know the mechanism of it. If you understand also, you can help the patient to be healed and you can help him to be aware of the source from where the healing is happening. So not only is he healed of his present illnesses, he is prevented from future illnesses. Then the healing is perfect. It is not only curative, it is also preventative.

Healing almost becomes an experience of prayer, an experience of God, of love, of the whole. So just be here and for a few days don't do any healing. Meditate for a few days and just get in tune with the family that is growing here around me. And when I say get in tune, I mean don't try logically, intellectually to dissect things. Whatsoever is going on here, accept it in deep trust. Simply fall in line with it. You are not to think about it because thinking is one of the barriers for a healer.

So start by dropping thinking. Simply be empty here. Be like a small child who cannot argue, who cannot reason; who simply accepts. Trust comes naturally to a child. Simply trust me and trust the people here, even if sometimes it is difficult for the reason to accept. But acceptance is so valuable that the reason can be starved to death. Whenever there is a choice between acceptance and reasoning, always choose acceptance.

By and by you will see that your reason also starts helping you to accept it. Because when the reasoning comes to see that you accept anything, that a yes or no makes no difference, then reason also becomes sympathetic to your trust. And when inside you, reason and trust meet, your own conflict is transcended. This will be the first step for your discipline to become a healer.

Between reason and trust, or between heart and mind, a bridge is needed, and such a bridge that the mind becomes secondary, just instrumental to the heart. Ordinarily the mind is the master and the heart has to follow. Then you can become a doctor but not a healer. You can become a therapist but not a healer. Therapy is part of science; healing is part of religion. So you can become a man of medicine by reason, by the head, but not a man of healing energy, because that comes from a different source, and the whole thing just goes topsy-turvy.

The heart becomes the master and the reason becomes just a shadow and ally. Remember this word. I am not saying be against reason, because if you are against reason, the rift will continue and there will be a continuous conflict within you. So don't be against reason, just be for the heart. If the reason says something, listen to it. If it goes against the heart, neglect it. There is no need to fight it; just ignore it and follow the heart.

By and by you will see that the mind is coming closer and closer to the heart because now the mind will feel unnourished unfed, starved. Once the mind understands -- and it understands very well that the situation has changed, the heart has become the centre so it has to become an ally -- then it cooperates. And when the mind cooperates with the heart and reason cooperates with your trust, your rift is bridged. When you are not divided you have become a vehicle.

In your undividedness you have taken the first step towards being a healer. This is going to be your deepest meditation: listen to the heart. Feel more, think less. If any conflict arises, you have to be with the heart. You have to listen to the feeling -- howsoever irrational, absurd, even mad. And I will make you a great healer; don't be worried! And do a few groups here. Enlightenment Intensive will be good.

Source:  The Empty Healer from book "Beloved of My Heart" by Osho

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