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         Swami Rajneesh Quotes

  1. being aware of awareness itself
    only consciousness can get you there
    to the truth of yourself
    the immortal inner being

  2. this earth is a lotus paradise if one has eyes to see deeply
    to live life to its fullest and understand its significance

  3. love yourself
    by not loving yourself the small silent and fragile energy
    is divided and fragmented from within
    and a cancer grows rapidly unseen
    do not love others…just learn to love yourself first
    one who loves himself understands the value of love from within
    self love is the way to inner health and growth of self knowing
    this love grows and blossoms through seven pillars of inner light
    love nourishes and soon spreads on it own accord to others

  4. accept yourself
    what a stupid boring world we would live in
    if all humans were exactly same
    learn acceptance of yourself just the way you are
    existence has given birth to you
    and accepts you unconditionally
    you are breathing and alive with its aliveness…a miracle in itself
    each and every individual in unique
    and irreplaceable in this vast cosmos
    the very beauty of you remains its unique signature  

  5. be yourself
    you can try and pretend
    as much as this society demands of you
    to be someone else and to live the life of the impossible imposter
    there is only one way and that is being yourself
    whatsoever you are just relax at ease and be yourself
    just out of being yourself a tremendous grace and beauty
    will be released and will radiate all around you

  6. love yourself…accept yourself…be yourself
    these qualities will create for the first time
    an individual whose inner flame is undividable
    a great pool of energy will gather and surround you
    with this an inner trust will arise from within you

  7. inner trust
    inner trust settles being
    and we are at home in our vast friendly universe
    one drops this maddening rush
    seeking relief from our inner emptiness
    each individual has an inner being still
    and silently waiting to be heard
    learn to listen and trust your inner voice

  8. it will need a deep listening
    as you have forgotten its silent guiding voice
    learn to trust your inner voice and master guide
    existence is supporting you each moment
    showering all its blessings on you with each breath
    life is proof of this blessing
    go in…go in…go in…in deep love and deep trust

  9. inner trust will expand your inner sensitivities and your being
    you are a being of light…
    expand your consciousness and live more being
    howsoever small your inner flame…it is your inner flame
    do not borrow it from any teacher or guru or master
    they cannot give you anything

  10. your life spark fires from within your innermost temple
    no one can reach there but you
    it is your inner sacred sanctum…you are your own master there
    only you can reach and ignite your fire

  11. a true master
    can at the most only inspire you
    to live your being…live in your light

  12. the journey is simple
    from the fragmented many…
    to the individual one…to the cosmic all
    live life…love life…accept life with laughter and joy
    life is a pure celebration of you…a celebration of your being
    being alive each moment in this dance of this universe

  13. man seeks answers from afar
    man has reached the moon reaching mars and distant planets
    but has not even gone into the silence of his being

  14. the supreme most intelligence just within his own navel
    the inner working of the mind and no mind remain unexplored
    strange universe we live in…of great explorers and adventurers

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