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          Swami Rajneesh Quotes on Samadhi

  1. samadhi is the atomic explosion
    of the sushumna blue line
    triggered by meetings of several chakras
    in a rapid vertical atomic explosion
    experiencing beyond the boundaries of the bodymind form
    one with the open sky
  2. satori is the atomic explosion of any one chakra
    the chakra experiencing an immense overflowing
    reaching beyond the boundaries of the bodymind form
    one with the open sky
  3. satori a glimpse into the beyond
    the after effects of satori last a week or so
    samadhi an explosion into the beyond
    the after effects of samadhi last for a few months
  4. satori the experience in small measure
    single dimensional one chakra
    samadhi the experience immeasurable
    multidimensional several chakras
  5. samadhi has irreversible effect
    and a tall vertical opening into the sky
    with ascent of gravity
    and descent of zero gravity to fill the vacuum
    displacement of gravity creates an inner vacuum
    and existence has no allowance for vacuum
    with gravity displaced
    zero gravity needs to take its place
  6. the initial experiencing of emptiness in meditations
    becomes filled with the fullness of zero gravity and the being
    emptying out mind…gravity
    filling in no mind…zero gravity
  7. the superconciousness that is released into the sky
    the body slowly pulls it back trapping it inside for protection
    each samadhi enlarges the core
    and requires the body to settle in again
  8. the body needs deep preparation
    the explosive openings of consciousness
    requires vast spaces to expand into
    the body must be totally relaxed and open
    each muscle sponge like porous and absorbent
    a breathing organic whole
    an expanded breath…one breath
    a vast pool of powerful stillness gathers
    i am aware an inner storm is going to arise
    and implode into another samadhi
  9. samadhi is the minimum requirement for transmission of the lamp
  10. the disciple must have had atleast one samadhi
    an opening in the crown vertically ascending into the sky
    the masters being can descend down
    this vertical passage and create roots
    become present in another form and continue his work
  11. it was clear to me
    that he (bhagwan) went through five deep samadhi experiences
    all over a period of eighteen years
    samadhi samadhi samadhi samadhi the final samadhi
    explosion explosion explosion explosion the final implosion
    samadhi where the dewdrop slips into the ocean…
    becomes the ocean
  12. the dewdrop surrenders
    disappearing into the ocean realising its magnitude
    it loses nothing…it becomes as vast as the ocean
  13. but the ocean disappearing into the dewdrop
    such infinite grace
    the ocean becomes the dewdrop
    the mighty bows to the small
    only the east has known such depth of expression
    just this understanding and experience is worth dying for
  14. i always knew that i would bide my time
    till i completed the final step
    michelangelo hid his david till the last
    then revealed the masterpiece to the world
    not before the fourth samadhi
    when the last layer was thin and transparent
    would i begin his work or speak

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