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         Swami Rajneesh Quotes on Change and Transformation

  1. you don't need anything except yourself and your totality

  2. you don't need to learn any thing
    it is an simple unlearning process
    whatsoever you know does not fulfills you

  3. All I am here is to remind you
    that you are perfect in your peak state
    if you know how to arrive at your peak state
    then you are perfect
    don't change any thing

  4. simply the way you are, you are perfect
    but where is that perfect moment in you
    simple answer
    peak and you will know
    and it may happen through meditation
    it may happen through run
    it may happen through jog
    it may happen through swimming
    it may happen through any device not unneccesarily

  5. bhagwan does not ask anyone to change in anyway whatsoever
    transformation is a different matter and a different plane altogether
    change requires horizontal movement
    learning more and getting more experience and gaining knowledge
    makes one more knowledgeable
    transformation requires vertical movement
    unlearning and experiencing inner states
    and drowning into knowing leads to awareness

  6. change requires therapies and groups and information
    transformation requires meditativeness and awareness

  7. just living in this moment
    moment to moment
    is an experiencing of a high peaked state of relaxed awareness

  8. the western mind translates awareness to mean
    to become more and more aware of this or that
    the eastern wisdom understands awareness to imply
    to just becoming aware of awareness itself
    change is horizontal whereas transformation is vertical

  9. not accepting yourself requires change
    just be yourself and transformation happens

  10. doing always leads to more doing and more doing
    being is simply…being herenow
    and growing in the being herenow
    just being…pure being

  11. the western mind is obsessed by doing more and more
    restless and constantly on the run
    just cannot sit still into being
    the grace that descends…just by being…still
    being leads to being

  12. doing leads to the mind and all its traffic of madness
    more confusion and delusion and further away from your centre
    awareness is a state of vertical stillness
    awareness is the no mind state in the present moment
    to become aware of awareness leading to a state of pure isness
    where the experience and experiencer
    dissolve into a state of experiencing
    where the observer and the observed become one into a pure witness

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