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         Swami Rajneesh Quotes on NO Mind

  1. how can one drop the mind…
    there is no mind to drop in the first place
    infact the mind can be sharpened as the witness grows stronger
    clarity of the mind grows as the witnessing becomes stronger

  2. going beyond the mind…is not dropping the mind
    it is going beyond the mind…into a state of no mind

  3. on reaching the state of no mind
    the mind disappears like dewdrops…just simply evaporates
    the mind was just a shadow…of unawareness

  4. Create a little bit of silence
    stillness, slowly slowly peak the Stillness
    raise it to the highest possible
    when you peak, search
    and you will understand what I am saying
    it is a state of no mind
    that you are in
    that is what you are here to experience
    as an energetic phenomena

  5. message is very simple
    attain to the state of no mind
    and there is only a simple way
    by living it totally.
    live totally in any form and you will arrive to that state
    you don't need to do any thing
    you don't need any thing
    just you and simple understanding
    and second part stop
    it has already stopped you
    you know what that stop means
    so don't go to search your mind
    they say you are the beyond the mind
    drop the mind, i say don't drop any thing
    just trascend it, go beyond
    and that it is just a simple way

  6. just going beyond the state is not dropping it
    you don't need to drop it's just a shadow
    because you are at a lower state
    just go beyond in to that orgasmic state
    mind is not present so don't go about looking for it to drop it

  7. therapies have no connection
    whatsoever to the state of no mind
    no connection to the inner states of meditation
    or simply just meditativeness

  8. awareness is a state of vertical stillness
    awareness is the no mind state in the present moment

  9. the zero experience
    where all time space disappear
    thoughts disappear
    the you and i disappear
    oneness with the universe
    one is at an orgasmic peak
    disappeared yet experiencing
    an infinite presence the state of no mind

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