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         Swami Rajneesh Quotes on Master

  1. it is a sheer luxury
    a windfall of great fortune to find a true master
    and bhagwan master of masters
    the most evolved being ever to walk this earth
    the man of all centuries
  2. i am totally in love with bhagwan
    that is all i seek
    to be at his feet as a devotee
    who wants to become enlightened
    now i have bhagwan
    i have found a greater joy…a greater love…my master
  3. the master is not the body confined in his bedroom
    the master is the pure witness
    floating free of form watching our every single step
    the master is the witness
    the one eyed seer
  4. when the disciple is ready the master appears
  5. the mysterious universe of a master and disciple relationship
    as the disciple grows…the master reveals
    it is an endless journey…a beginning with no end
    growing deeper and deeper…vaster and vaster
  6. the master is willing to go all the way
    he is already open and knows infinitely more
  7. the disciple has to remain open…surrendered and vunerable
    always open to all and everything…
    never deciding where is the end
    there is more as each horizon is crossed
    infinitely more possibilities
  8. a disciple can only give his enlightenment to the master
  9. my past life vipassana channels and pathways were open
    these vertical channels easily accessible by any living master
    hence gautam buddha had found me to be
    a suitable match as his vehicle
  10. sometimes shock can be used as a ladder
    to climb and make one alert
    a zen master uses all and every situation
    as a device for creating awareness…alertness

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