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         Swami Rajneesh Quotes on Therapies and Therapist

  1. Therapies can work on your body.
    They can work on your mind.
    They can work on your emotions.
    you are not the body
    you are not the mind
    you are not the emotions
    so what is therapy doing
    Meditativeness, Meditation are not the body mind emotion

  2. i watch with great dismay the reality that faces me
    the multiversity is creating an illusion
    that this is the real seeking
    that therapies and groups are the real thing
    that no mind and meditation is difficult
    to understand for the beginner
    being alien and not to their taste

  3. it is a vicious circle…the therapists have vested interests
    they have paid huge sums for becoming certified therapists
    and need to get their investments back
    sell their therapies to the outside world
    and earn their living

  4. the message of bhagwan was clear
    therapies and groups are just to prepare for meditation
    therapies have no connection
    whatsoever to the state of no mind
    no connection to the inner states of meditation
    or simply just meditativeness

  5. bhagwan never did any group
    nor did krishnamurti nor ramana maharshi nor buddha
    infact no living buddha ever did any therapy or group
    yet they all arrived

  6. i am an eyesore and nightmare for them
    never done any therapy…no group
    just sitting silently in bliss

  7. i was their enemy and dangerous
    i was walking in vipassana without paying
    the newcomers could not understand which groups i had done
    which therapies led me to falling into this inner space

  8. the western mind is obsessed
    with change and becoming a better person
    all therapies attract to learning
    more and more about different things
    bhagwan does not ask anyone to change in anyway whatsoever
    transformation is a different matter
    and a different plane altogether

  9. therapies just add more and more to the already dead weight
    and to the ego of the mind
    the false idea that i know more
    so perhaps i am becoming more aware of my surroundings
    the greatest fallacy and sheer humbug

  10. bhagwan began to notice
    that therapists were dominating the groups
    and not merely channelling his energy
    he chose black robes for them
    black robes make you disappear as an ego
    and become more passive and receptive
    thus trying to soften their energy impact on the groups

  11. 28 november 1989
    for the very first time in his life…
    he (bhagwan) suddenly visits the multiversity
    slowly looking at each group and therapy poster
    and surprisingly states
    there should be no more long therapies

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