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         Swami Rajneesh Quotes on Meditativeness

  1. Consciousness you need to earn not through meditation only
    but through meditativess.
    Allowing that inner space of silence to prevail the whole form
    to filer through the bodymind and
    to create roots in the bodymind
  2. my daily activities saw tremendous changes
    i was walking each step consciously
    moving my each hand consciously…
    standing or sitting with alertness
    every single gesture or bodily movement was watched by me
    and i became known as the slow motion man
    the slow walking man
    it was easy and effortless on my part
    it was arousing and made me feel intoxicated
    every movement became a joy to watch…
    the sheer grace it offered
    and the very experience of grace was overwhelming
    and a gift…it became part of my daily life…of meditativeness
  3. i stopped doing meditations…meditativeness became my life
    a relaxed watchful awareness took over my every footstep
    my every gesture my every look my way of standing my way
    of sitting washing the dishes taking a bath brushing my teeth
    zen is a living experience…a way of living meditatively
  4. there is no such thing as meditation for me
    only meditativeness exists
    i poured all my awareness into these simple daily activities
    and slept as much as possible…in a pitch black room
  5. my walking in zen and sitting in zen
    started to illuminate all around me
  6. change requires therapies and groups and information
    transformation requires meditativeness and awareness
  7. meditation requires you to drop the bodymind completely
    growing the flame of awareness

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