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          Swami Rajneesh Quotes on Witnessing

  1. just watch the thoughts float by like clouds
    just watch the thoughts floating by
    and remain a detached witness

  2. soon gaps will begin to appear
    just watch the thoughts pass by without any judgement
    that this is a good or this is a bad…then mind has entered
    and the emphasis has shifted from simply watching to judgement

  3. remain a detached witness
    and the gaps will begin to become bigger and bigger
    this is witnessing and strengthening the witness
    just a simple knack
    of detached witnessing

  4. then move on to the more subtle layers of emotions
    watch the emotions with the same detachment
    it is far more difficult to remain detached
    if your girlfriend has been stolen by your best friend

  5. remain a witness to your emotions
    as if from a great distance
    an eagles eye view
    slowly this simple knack
    of remaining a detached witness to your subtle emotions will grow stronger

  6. then witness the entire body and all its bodily movements
    this will lead to a slowing down of bodily actions
    the witness will grow stronger

  7. this whole simple knack
    is to create a pure witness
    that is detached and separate from body mind emotion
    now your energy is not moving into the body mind emotion
    but moving and growing towards witnessing

  8. witnessing is a knack
    witnessing is the key
    in meditation one is to become a detached witness
    of the mind and its processes…a detached witness

  9. the mind is just an identification with the body
    to drop the mind is to drop the body
    how can one drop the body…it has its reality
    only in death the body falls and the mind stops
    hence one cannot drop the mind…but one can create a witness

  10. body and mind is one…bodymind
    the bodymind consists of
    thoughts emotions and the identification with the body
    witness that you are not the thoughts
    witness that you are not the emotions
    witness that you are not the body
    witnessing is the golden key

  11. as the witness grows stronger and stronger
    the identification
    with thoughts and emotions and body slowly disappear
    witnessing is the golden key

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