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Osho Quotes on Homosexuality

  1. Homosexuality has come into existence because of repressive measures, because of repressive moralities, because of thousands of years of separating man and woman into separate camps.

  2. It is a well known fact that Christian monasteries, Buddhist monasteries have been full of homosexuality. It was bound to happen because you don't give them the science of transcending sex, and you simply tell them to repress the energy. Now the energy starts moving into perverted ways.
  3. Accept whosoever you are. No condemnation, no judgement, no evaluation. If you are a homosexual, so what?! Enjoy it! God has made you that way. That is his way of expressing himself through you. And there have been great homosexuals -- from Socrates onwards.
  4. It is perfectly right, whatsoever you are. It is NOBODY else's business. If two men feel good being together, it is nobody else's business to interfere. No law, no government, no religion, no church, should come in. If they BOTH are happy, it is perfectly their own decision. And we want the world to be happy -- and these two persons are contributing their happiness to the world by being happy together.
  5. If two women feel good being with each other, the world is happier for that, better for that. Don't make them feel guilty unnecessarily. But guilt persists -- because down the ages you have been taught homosexuality is a sin; down the ages you have been taught that this is one of the greatest sins. You may be surprised to know: there have been states in America, just a hundred years ago, where the punishment for homosexuality was sentence for life. And there have been countries where one was beheaded if one was caught in any homosexual relationship. Humanity has been so stupid in the past. And we ALL carry those conditionings deep down in the collective unconscious.
  6. There is no biological program in you for homosexuality. The biological program in your sperm is for heterosexuality. I am simply stating a fact, that homosexuality has arisen under ugly pressures in the monasteries of all religions, where it is forced to happen in the name of the purity of celibacy -- and in the schools, colleges and in universities where boys and girls are kept separate and teachers and professors function as gods so that no heterosexual relationship happens.
  7. So the first thing to remember: I will continue to call it perversion because it is perversion. It is against nature. Nature never produces anything which is useless. Homosexuality is useless; it does not generate anything in you. Neither can it produce children, nor can it give you an orgasmic experience. Have you ever heard of homosexuals having orgasmic experience? All they have is a sexual release. The energy accumulates and becomes a tension -- it needs some release. Homosexuals know only ejaculation, they don't know what they are missing -- the orgasm.
  8. The people who are homosexuals should move and create homosexual communes, the women who are lesbians should move and create lesbian communes. But leave the rest of humanity. Why torture them? Why destroy them? You don't have the right. You are completely free to do what you want to do, but don't interfere in anybody's life. I have every condemnation when someone interferes in others' lives.
  9. If you sow the seeds you should accept the flowers too. If you accept homosexuality joyfully, and you feel happy with men and you trust men and like them, then there is no need to feel any guilt.
  10. Bavara, I am not only answering you, I am answering all the homosexuals of the world. It is their duty to declare that they are homosexuals. It is their duty to say that they want their own communes. It is the duty of lesbian women to say that they want their own communes.




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