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Solutions to Meditation Questions

Sri Ramakrishna on Meditation

  1. It is very Troublesome to possess Occult powers.
  2. Is it extremely difficult to proceed toward God while leading the life of a householder?
  3. There are two kinds of meditation, one on the formless God and the other on God with Form
  4. If a wicked man is about to do harm, or actually does so. Then how should we deal with them?

Osho on Meditation Questions

  1. What it is to Live Rightly?
  2. How can the Cosmic be Achieved?
  3. Why should silence be threatening?
  4. At what point can catharsis be dropped
  5. What is the secret- how to enjoy suffering?
  6. Osho, how can I become a light unto myself?
  7. Why is Love so Essential for Spiritual Growth?
  8. Waiting is important, necessary, but not enough
  9. How can we put total effort and yet be Effortless
  10. Are there any techniques to de-condition our brain.
  11. What is the Best way to Encourage People in Meditation?
  12. Can you please talk about pain and our identification with it?
  13. Real meditation is just allowing the mind to have its own way
  14. How can I know If Detachment or Indifference is Growing within?
  15. How much Patience is needed? is there really nothing we can do?
  16. Is awareness enough to prevent the absorption of negative energy?
  17. Ecstasy or blissfulness are all toys to allure you towards meditation.
  18. How do I know if my sexual energy is transformed or just repressed?
  19. How long it takes to let the benefit of a new meditation method settle?
  20. Silence is overwhelming; all noise is yours. Silence belongs to existence
  21. Is it really possible to grow and flower in the harsh environment of the West?
  22. How to deal with Dragons and Monsters coming out from the Unconscious Mind?
  23. What are the difficulties on the path of meditation and how can they be overcome.
  24. Relaxation, utter relaxation with no focusing of consciousness is real watchfulness.
  25. When I watch the desires and needs of the mind, I come to a space that  looks like madness.
  26. What is the difference in single-pointedness, being total, spacing out, work, and worship?
  27. How can we watch something that is such an intrinsic part of our biology (Menstruation)?
  28. Self- Remembering seems easier for me than witnessing. Do they both lead to the same Goal?
  29. Should one complete one’s worldly trips, Rather than dropping them in the name of spirituality?
  30. Expectation from Meditation - Meditation experiences not happening as per the Expectation
  31. How do reach the state of blessedness when the mind is empty of Chatter, defenses, plans and games.


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