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Osho on Witnessing Unconscious Mind

Question: Beloved Osho, You once said that while we sit with you and the more we become relaxed, with out our knowing, Our Unconscious will start emerging like Steam from a Boiling teapot. As the Unconscious starts Boiling up, and all the skeletons and Dragons start coming out of the darkness, I feel I need some Guidance on how  to deal with it - for myself, and in relation to other people. Can you please Comment?

Osho: First, donít do anything about it Ė just watch. Doing will create problems.
You will get mixed up by it; your emotions, your sentiments, your thoughts, may get mixed with it.
Donít do anything; just remain aloof and watch. Just by watching it will slowly disappear like smoke disappearing into the sky. You donít have to do anything at all.

Source: "The Transmission of the Lamp" - Osho
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