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Osho on How much Patience is needed

Question: How much Patience is needed? is there really nothing we can do?
Osho : The moment you ask how much, you miss the point. You cannot ask how much patience is needed. The very question says that the patience is not there, you are impatient. Patience never asks how much, patience always knows that whatsoever you do it is always less than needed. Thatís why those who have attained always say: When we attained it was not because of our efforts,
it was because of his grace.

Donít ask how much patience. The very question comes out of impatience
. And IS THERE REALLY NOTHING WE CAN DO? Yes, there is really nothing that YOU can do. The doer is the barrier. You are the hindrance. Drop this you and the doer. Life is a happening, it is not an act, and all that is great and beautiful is a happening. You cannot do it, you can only allow it to happen, please allow it; all that you need to do is to allow it.

It happened, a man came to the rabbi of the village, very harassed he was, very puzzled, worried. He said: Now you will have to help me, Rabbi. I am in much trouble. My twelfth child was born today Ė I am a poor man, I cannot support myself, my wife and twelve children. You can understand my plight. You help me, what should I do? The rabbi jumped. He said, Do? Take my advice Ė donít do nothing! And you also please take my advice Ė donít do nothing.

Allow, let it happen. It is always around the corner, you are so closed! It is always ready to happen any moment, but you donít allow it, you go on pushing the river. Float with it, flow with it.

Source: "Tao: The Three Treasures, Volume 3" - Osho

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