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Osho on Awareness Shield

Question: Beloved Osho, for the past several months, day after day, I kept giving massages in a luxurious resort of California to people who refused to breathe, to feel, to open up. No connection was possible, and I felt myself more and more drained by it. The other night you talked about the transfer of energy between a dying person and the people surrounding him. In such a close contact as massage is, is awareness enough to prevent the absorption of negative energy?

Osho: Yes, awareness is enough. It creates a subtle wall around you. Neither will their energy affect you nor will your energy be drained. And everyone who is doing such an intimate kind of work like massage should learn to be more and more aware; otherwise, massage is dangerous Ė because you are massaging so many people. You donít know them. You donít know their unconscious. You donít know their anger, hatred, perversions; their energy can flow towards you very easily, and you donít have any protection. Awareness certainly functions as an armor.

Source: "The Transmission of the Lamp" - Osho

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