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Osho on Shaktipat or Energy Transmission

Question - What is Shaktipat or Energy Transmission? And is it possible that someone Can transmit Divine Energy?
Osho - No one can do shaktipat, no one can transmit energy; but someone can be a vehicle for such transmission. It is true that no one can do it. And if some body claims that he can do it, he is indulging in sheer deception. No one can do it, and yet in some moment transmission of energy can happen through someone.

If that someone is totally empty and surrendered, shaktipat can happen in his presence. He can work as a conductor, as a catalytic agent, but not knowingly. Through him God’s infinite energy can enter into another person. No one can be a catalytic agent knowingly, be cause the first condition to act as conductor is that you should not know it, that you have no ego. Ego disqualifies a person for being a medium for shaktipat.

With ego one becomes a non conductor of energy; divine energy cannot flow through him. So if there is a person whose ego is completely wiped out, who is absolutely empty inside and is a total void, who is doing nothing for you, really who does not do a thing – then through his emptiness, through his void, which acts as a passage, God’s energy can certainly reach you. And  its speed can be very fast.

Remember this when you come here for tomorrow’s meditation. With this I should also give you a couple of in formations for tomorrow. Shaktipat means that God’s energy has descended on you. It: can be possible in two ways. Either it arises from you and joins God’s energy or it flows from God and joins you. It is the same thing viewed from two sides; or these are two ways of seeing the same thing. For example, there is a tumbler half filled with water.

Someone can say that it is half filled and another can say that it is half empty. And if they are philosophers they can argue it endlessly and come to no conclusion, because both statements are correct. Energy descends from above and it can ascend from below, too. And when the two energies meet, when your latent energy meets with the energy of infinity – the explosion happens.

This explosion is unpredictable; nor can it be said what this explosion does. And what happens after this explosion, this too cannot be said. Through out history, those who have been blessed with this explosion of energy have been shouting from rooftops: ”Come one, come all, and pass through this explosion and see for yourself what it is. Something has happened here which is simply inexpressible, utterly in describable.”

Shaktipat means the descent of energy from beyond. It can descend. In fact it descends every day. And this energy chooses for its vehicle a person who is empty in every way, who is utterly egoless. He alone turns into its catalytic agent, just a vehicle and nothing else. But even if a little trace of ego is there, even if he thinks that he can do it, he ceases to be the conduit. Then energy cannot flow from him.

Now bear in mind two informations for to morrow’s meditation, both the morning and midday meditation. Tomorrow is the last day of the camp, and it is going to be full with possibilities. So you have to be filled with tremendous hope and trust when you do tomorrow’s meditation.

Firstly, all those who are having some kind of experiences here will do meditation standing. If any thing has been happening to you, even if a little bit has been happening to your body, you will do well to stand up tomorrow and meditate. Because movements in a standing position can be the fastest and the most intense, too.

In a standing position the flow of energy is at its highest. Up to now I did not ask you to stand up because you were lacking in courage even for doing it sitting. Now if you do it standing, the impact of energy on you will be tremendous. As I said that you can burst into a dance, a mad dance, it can really happen when you do it while standing. Since tomorrow will be the last day, and some ten to twenty friends have achieved good depth in meditation, so they in particular will for sure stand up. I am not going to name them; they should do it on their own.

And it has to be so right from the beginning of meditation. Of course, one can stand up anytime if he feels like doing so. And remember that you have to allow everything to happen unimpeded. And a few words for the midday sessions of silent meditation.

When we sit here for silent meditation in the midday tomorrow there should be enough empty space near me. And when you will come to me one by one and sit by me, and when I place my hand on your head, then allow everything that happens to you at that moment. If you scream and your hands and feet tremble or you fall down or rise up, whatever it is, just leave it free, don’t resist at all. It will be like what we do in the morning meditation: Let go. So leave enough space near me.

And those who can muster courage will do the morning meditation all standing. Before I will arrive, you should take your positions and stand quietly. And stand erect without taking any support of, say, the tree near you. No support, whatsoever; stand on your own.

You wanted to know about shaktipat. This standing posture will make for a good situation for transmission of energy. A very conducive atmosphere has already come into being here and it can be fully utilized. And since it is going to be the last day of the camp, you should bring your whole will and energy into play tomorrow. 

Source: from Osho Book “In Search of the Miraculous Vol 1”

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