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Osho on Worthy Womb and Conditions for Higher Soul to take Birth

Question - What are the distinguishing features that make a womb worthy enough to receive a higher soul, and what are the characteristics of a Womb in which an Inferior soul may enter? What preparations are necessary in order that a higher Soul may descend? How are the preparations made? As compared to ordinary wombs, how special were the wombs that carried great souls like Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, and Jesus?

Osho - Many things will have to be considered. The first thing is: the purer the moment of lovemaking is, the purer the soul a womb can attract. But sex has been condemned so much that the moment of copulation hardly ever becomes a divine moment. Sex has already been branded as sacrilegious.

It is already rooted in our consciousness as something impure. The sexual union between husband and wife takes place in the shadows of sin; it does not transpire in a worshipful moment of prayer and bliss. Naturally, it is not possible for a pure soul to be attracted toward a womb surrounded by a cloak of sin. So in order that a higher soul may enter a womb, the first condition is that it be a divine moment of lovemaking.

In my view, the moment of sexual union is a moment of prayer. Only after prayer and meditation should the husband and wife enter into sex. The result will be twofold. One is that after meditation it won't be possible for them to enter into sex for years. The first thing that will happen after meditation is that you won't be able to enter sex. As you will go into meditation, the desire for sex will disappear -- meditation will become the way to celibacy.

Years will go by without sex. The purity ensuing from these bygone years will not be the product of a suppressed sex. It won't be the result of any vow taken by the husband and wife both practicing celibacy by sleeping separately in locked rooms, or the husband sleeping in the temple all by himself. This celibacy will not be the consequence of a vow, rather it will be a spontaneous flowering. It is simply impossible to enter sex after meditation. Meditation gives so much joy, such bliss, that why would one care for the pleasures of sex?

If husband and wife can meditate regularly for years, they won't be able to enter sex. That will have a twofold effect. One, the energy will become very dynamic and intense. A very potent sperm is needed in order to give birth to a pure soul. Weak sperms won't do.

Only an intercourse which is preceded by years of celibacy can be effective in allowing a powerful soul to enter the womb. After years of meditation when someone goes into sex -- that is, when meditation makes him competent to enter into sex -- then naturally it will have to be a divine moment, because if there had been even a slight impurity left in that moment, meditation would not have given the go-ahead.

When meditation gives the command -- that is, when the possibility to enter sex exists even after one has been in meditation -- then it means that even sex has taken on a sacredness. Now it has a divineness of its own. When two individuals make love in this divine moment, it would be better to say the union is not physical, it is very spiritual. The bodies are meeting, yet the meeting is not physical -- it is very profound and spiritual.

So giving birth to a divine soul is not merely a biological phenomenon. The meeting of two bodies simply provides an opportunity for another body to take birth; but when two souls meet as well, a situation is created for a greater soul to descend.

The births of Mahavira or Buddha are of this kind. The birth of Jesus is even more incredible. The births of Mahavira and Buddha had been prophesied. Their coming was awaited for years. Every detail was foretold -- so much so that Mahavira had even predicted in his previous life how many dreams the mother of his next life will have before his birth.

The dreams were mentioned in a sequence with their contents. Mahavira's prophecy was, "When these many dreams occur, know that I have entered the womb." He also pointed out the symbols that would appear in the dream -- a white elephant, a lotus, and so on. So people were waiting eagerly for a woman to declare she had seen all the dreams with these symbols.

In Buddha's case too, symbols were mentioned. When he was due to be born, a monk from the faraway Himalayas arrived at the palace. He was old and had been waiting. He was very worried lest he should die before the advent of Buddha. So when he came to beg at the palace, he told Buddha's father,"I know a child is to be born here. I have come for his darshan, to see him and pay my respects."

The father was very astonished to hear this. The monk was a renowned figure, very famous, a divine person in his own right. He had thousands of devotees, and he was asking to pay his regards to the child! The father was simply amazed. But he felt very happy too, because his wife had already mentioned to him the special dreams she had.

So the next day the monk arrived to see the newborn child. Seeing the child, the monk broke down and began crying bitterly. The father became very worried. He asked the monk, "Are you crying because you see a bad omen?"

The monk said, "There is no bad omen for the child. I am crying for myself. The man at whose feet I could have attained a timeless bliss, is born. But alas, I am nearing death and this child will take time to grow and flower -- I cannot wait that long. The time for my departure has come."

The birth of Jesus was awaited by the whole world -- especially so in the Middle East. The prediction was that at the time of Jesus' birth, four stars will appear in the sky. Those who knew the secret understood the symbolic meaning of the stars. A man from India journeyed to Bethlehem in order to offer his greetings on Jesus' birth. One man went from Egypt, and two from other countries. All four of them knew that the appearance of the four stars would herald the birth of Jesus.

So as soon as they saw the stars, they hurried in search of the child. The information was that those who recognized the stars would be guided by them to the place where the child was born. The stars kept moving ahead and the travelers followed them.

The wise man from Egypt who had set out in search of the child first came to Herod -- the emperor at the time of Jesus. He said to the emperor, "Perhaps you don't know, but the king of kings has arrived at last." Herod couldn't follow what the man meant by "king of kings." He thought an enemy was born who would finish him someday, so he ordered all newly born children in Jerusalem to be killed. The news reached Mary in time and she escaped. Jesus was born in hiding in a dark and dingy stable.

The story of Jesus' birth is even more significant than that of Buddha's or Mahavira's. It illustrates the question you have asked: "What preparations are necessary in order to give birth to a higher soul?" Jesus' soul was ready to take birth. A suitable mother was available, but not the father. Mariam was qualified to give birth to Jesus, but her husband was not.

That's why it has always been said Jesus was born of a virgin mother. There is a reason for saying this, because the father was irrelevant. Jesus was indeed born of a virgin mother. A bodiless soul, which the Christians call the Holy Ghost, had to enter the body of Jesus' father. Through the medium of Jesus' father, another soul remained present in his place. That means, Jesus' father was not there, only his body was.

I have mentioned before how Shankara entered another body. Similarly, a soul entered the body of Mary's husband and Jesus was born. That's why he could say he had nothing to do with Jesus' birth. He had no knowledge of what happened. Insofar as he was concerned, Mariam was virgin; in his eyes, the son was born to a virgin Mary. He was unconscious all along. His body was simply used as a medium. But Christianity is not clear on this point. Hence the Christian priest somehow tries to prove Jesus was born of a virgin mother. But he doesn't know what it means to be born of a virgin -- he is unable to prove it.

The biggest argument against Jesus in the West has been over how he could be born to a virgin girl. It is unscientific. This is true: a child cannot be born of a virgin girl. But Jesus was born of a virgin girl in the sense that his father was not consciously present at the time -- he was only a medium. He was not a conscious participant in the birth of Jesus. He was totally unaware. He was only made to function as an instrument for this phenomenon to occur.

Often it happens that many superior souls wish to take birth but they don't find any appropriate situation for their conception. Today it has become even more difficult. It has been almost impossible to create superior conditions for the conception of higher souls, because the whole science pertaining to it has been lost.

What we call conception today is absolutely animal-like -- there is no science behind it. Those who had given full consideration to the phenomenon of conception had worked out all the details. They had taken into account, for example, the minutest calculation of time in terms of finding the exact and the most characteristic moment to conceive. We can't imagine how much attention was paid to this phenomenon.

You may not be aware of the fact that more people go mad on the full moon, and less on the new moon. Science is not yet fully clear why this is so. The fact remains that the full moon does affect our mental state. Just as it brings storms in the seas, it stirs our emotions and raises them to the heights of lunacy. The word lunatic means one who is affected by the moon. luna means the moon, and lunatic means one who is moonstruck. It means the man has gone mad because he has been attacked by the moon.

There is a complete science that studies how the earth is affected by various forces every moment, every hour. If conception can take place during the time of these unique extraterrestrial influences, the results will be highly significant. And if the conception does not occur during these moments, the results can be to the contrary.

The whole of astrology was developed for the very purpose of finding out the exact moment of conception, because the influences working in that particular moment alone can give some indication of the conceived soul. At least some rough data can be obtained of the possibilities hidden in that moment of conception. Each second, each hour has its own implication.

So before entering sex, one needs the strength of meditation, years of celibacy behind it. Keep in mind, however, my understanding of brahmacharya, celibacy -- it is neither an outcome of suppression nor repression. By celibacy I mean that which comes on its own, which happens spontaneously. Then one may enter in sex with a prayerful heart, invoking pure souls to accept the invitation. Not only are many such souls available, but there is a continuous race among them for entering a womb.

So in this situation, if you can invite certain souls, the subsequent results will become more clearly evident. Also, when such a soul is conceived, for nine months the baby needs to grow in the womb within a certain psychological and spiritual environment. For example, Mahavira's mother was kept under very special conditions. So was Buddha's mother.

One prediction made before Buddha's birth was that he would be born when the mother is in a standing position; and that he will be born not inside, but outside the house. It was quite a strange thing: as Buddha's mother was traveling to her parents, on her way she stopped for a while and stood under the sal tree, and Buddha was born, under the open skies.

Ordinarily, babies are born in the darkness of night. And normally, people make love in dark chambers, sneakily, with a sense of fear and guilt. People look at sex as if it is some kind of sin, a crime which has to be done surreptitiously, without anyone knowing about it. Obviously, sex of this kind is bound to produce grave consequences. In order to make love, freedom, openness, purity are essential.

At the time of lovemaking, even small things bring distinct results, such as the color on the walls, the light in the room, the fragrance. A whole science exists around it. If we could make use of the science of child-conception, a complete transformation of the human race could be brought about.

Even little things make a difference. Currently, a scientist is carrying on a small experiment which will bring about a fundamental change. He has devised a small belt which is to be tied around a pregnant woman's abdomen. It so happened that once a woman had to wear a belt for some reason in her pregnancy -- she was ill -- but it created a strange effect on the child. It was found that the belt pressed against the baby's head and the child was born with a very high IQ. This was purely accidental; a particular center of the child's brain was pressed.

Following this incident, the scientist has carried out many more experiments. It may well be that the child was naturally endowed with such high intelligence, and the whole thing was just a coincidence. However, the subsequent experiments proved that if pressure is applied at a particular place on a pregnant woman's abdomen, it causes a remarkable change In the child's Intelligence.

There are many asanas, body postures, which are meant to bring about the required pressure at a particular point. There are many breathing techniques for the same purpose. There are many words which, when articulated properly, bring about a certain pressure. All of these become helpful in allowing the genius, the health, the capability, the potentiality of the child to manifest fully.

Up to now man has discovered who knows how many ways to cause mischief, but he has not been putting enough energy into discovering ways which can build, enrich the future of mankind. But it is all possible. As soon as a woman conceives, she begins to reflect the possibilities the child is endowed with.

It is in fact a dual process. In pregnancy, if the mother becomes irritable, angry, the child will be born with an angry temperament. Similarly, if the soul of an angry disposition has entered the womb, a woman who otherwise never became angry would begin to show anger. This is indeed very remarkable. And in view of this fact, experiments can be done for treating the anger of the conceived child right when it is in a seed form.

There are many souls which can take birth but haven't been able to yet. It's a very strange situation. It is something like a university which may give some people education up to the B.A., but has no additional provision or facility for postgraduate study or for research. In that case, many graduates would have to be on the lookout for some place where they can work toward an M.A. or do further research.

This world of ours develops the being and intelligence of some people only to a certain point, and then deserts them. Beyond that we have no means to help them further. But a systematic provision can be made. The right type of possibilities and conditions can be created so higher souls may find their way into this world. So let me repeat the few basic points.

The first thing is: our whole attitude toward sex is sick and dangerous. As long as the sacredness of sex is not recognized in this world, we'll go on causing more and more harm to mankind. So long as one has not become meditative prior to entering sex, his sex will remain animal-like: it can never have a human quality. And secondly, without a prolonged period of celibacy preceding the sexual involvement the creation of a powerful sperm is not possible. And without it there is no possibility of giving birth to a powerful soul. 

Source: from Osho Book “And Now and Here”

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