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Osho on Kundalini, Overcoming Sexuality


Question: How does one overcome the pull toward Sex so that the Kundalini can go upward?

Osho - Energy has been going downward through the sex center continuously for many births, so when any energy is created it will first try to move downward. That is why meditation sometimes will create more sexuality in you than you have ever felt before. You will feel more sexual because you have generated more energy than you previously had. When you have conserved something, the old, habitual passage is ready to release it. The mechanism is ready, the old passage is ready. Your mind only knows one passage -- the lower one, the sexual passage -- so when you are meditating the first movement of your life energy will be downward. Just be aware of it.

Do not struggle with it; just be aware of it. Be aware of the habitual passage, be aware of sexual images; let them come. Be aware of them, but do not do anything about the situation; just be aware of it. The sexual passage cannot operate without your cooperation, but if you cooperate with it even for a single moment, it can start functioning. So do not cooperate with it: just be aware of it.

The mechanism of sex is so much a momentary phenomenon that it only functions momentarily; if you do not cooperate at the right moment, it stops. At the right moment your cooperation is needed, otherwise it cannot work. It is only a momentary mechanism, and if you do not cooperate with it, it will stop by itself.

Time and time again, energy is created through meditation. It continues to move downward, but now you are aware of it. The old passage is cut -- not suppressed. Energy is there and it needs to be released, but the lower door is closed: not suppressed -- closed. You have not cooperated with it, that's all. You have not positively suppressed it, you have only negatively not cooperated with it.

You have just been aware of what is happening to your mind, to your body. You are just aware; then energy is conserved. Then the quantity of the energy becomes more and more intense and an upward thrust becomes necessary. Now the energy will go upward; by its very force, a new passage will be thrown open.

When energy goes upward you will be more sexually attractive to others, because life energy going upward creates a great magnetic force. You will become more sexually attractive to others, so you will have to be aware of this. Now you will attract persons unknowingly, and the attraction will not only be physical; the attraction will be etheric.

Even a repulsive body, a nonattractive body, will become attractive with yoga. The attraction is etheric; and it is so magnetic that one has to be constantly aware of it, constantly aware. You will be attractive... and the opposite sex will be irresistably drawn to you. There are subtle vibrations that are created by your etheric body: you have to be aware of them. The type of attraction that will be felt by the opposite sex will differ -- it will take so many different forms -- but basically it will be sexual. At its root, it will be sexual.

But you can help these people. Even if they are attracted to you sexually, they have become attracted to a sexual energy that is moving upward. And they too are not ordinary sexual beings: upward-moving sexual energy has become an attraction, a magnet. So you can help them; if you do not become involved, then you can help them.

Source - Osho Book "Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy"

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