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   Sri Ramakrishna Quotes and Sayings

  1. Be mad! Be mad with love of God!
  2. Take shelter in God.
  3. It is good to keep pictures of sannyasis and holy men in one's room. When you get up in the morning you should see the faces of holy
    persons rather than the faces of other men.

  4. They catch fish with a bamboo trap. The bamboo is naturally straight. But why is it bent in the trap? In order to catch the fish. Desires are the fish. Therefore the mind is bent down toward the world. If there are no desires, the mind naturally looks up toward God.
  5. Spend a few days thinking of God. You have seen that there is nothing to the world.
  6. The time is ripe for you to devote your mind to the Lotus Feet of God. If you realize God, you will get everything else. First God, then charity, doing good to others, doing good to the world, and redeeming people.
  7. I am the machine and She is the Operator. I am the house and She is
    the Indweller. I am the chariot and She is the Charioteer. I move as She moves me; I speak as She speaks through me. In the Kaliyuga one does not hear the voice of God, it is said, except through the mouth of a child or a madman or some such person.
  8. Through restlessness—the restlessness a child feels for his mother.
    The child feels bewildered when he is separated from his mother, and weeps longingly for her. If a man can weep like that for God he can even see Him. At the approach of dawn the eastern horizon becomes red. Then one knows it will soon be sunrise. Likewise, if you see a person restless for God, you can be pretty certain that he hasn't long to wait for His vision.
  9. The other day I told you the meaning of bhakti (devotion). It is to adore God with body, mind, and words. 'With body' means to serve and worship God with one's hands, go to holy places with one's .feet, hear the chanting of the name and glories of God with one's ears, and behold the divine image with one's eyes. 'With mind' means to contemplate and meditate on God constantly and to remember and think of His lila (divine play). With words' means to sing hymns to Him and chant His name and glories.
  10. What can you achieve by mere lecturing and scholarship without discrimination and dispassion? God alone is real, and all else is unreal. God alone is substance, and all else is nonentity. That is discrimination.

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