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   Sri Ramakrishna Quotes and Sayings

  1. You may indulge in reasoning or discussion, but if you feel no longing or love.
  2. Woman and gold' alone is the world. It makes one forget God.
  3. A man cannot realize God unless he renounces everything mentally.
  4. Pray to God with a yearning heart. Pray to Him for discrimination. 'God
    alone is real and all else illusory'—this is discrimination.
  5. A man achieves neither Knowledge nor liberation as long as he has egotism. He comes back again and again to the world.
  6. The truth is that a man succeeds to a great extent because of
    tendencies inherited from his previous births. People think he has attained the goal all of a sudden. A man drank a glass of wine in the morning. It made him completely drunk. He began to behave improperly. People were amazed to see that he could be so drunk after one glass. But another man said, 'Why, he has been drinking all night.

  7. A man thinks of God, no doubt, but he has no faith in Him. Again and
    again he forgets God and becomes attached to the world. It is like giving the elephant a bath; afterwards he covers his body with mud and dirt again. 'The mind is a mad elephant.' But if you can make the elephant go into the stable immediately after bathing him, then he stays clean. Just so, if a man thinks of God in the hour of death, then his mind becomes pure and it gets no more opportunity to become
    attached to 'woman and gold'
  8. Man has no faith in God. That is the reason he suffers so much. They say that when you plunge into the holy waters of the Ganges your sins perch on a tree on the bank. No sooner do you come out of the water after the bath than the sins jump back on your shoulders. A man must prepare the way beforehand, so that he may think of God in the hour of death. The way lies through constant practice. If a man practises meditation on God, he will remember God even on the last day of
    his life.
  9. The swan are those who think of God, who pray day and night to get rid of their attachment to worldly things and their love for 'woman and gold', who do not enjoy anything except the nectar of the Lotus
    Feet of the Lord, and to whom worldly pleasures taste bitter. If you put a mixture of milk and water before the swan, it will leave the water and drink only the milk. And haven't you noticed the gait of a swan? It goes straight ahead in one direction. So it is with genuine devotees: they go toward God alone. They seek nothing else; they enjoy nothing else.
  10. A man can see God if he unites in himself the force of these three attractions: the attraction of worldly possessions for the worldly man, the husband's attraction for the chaste wife, and the child's attraction for its mother. If you can unite these three forms of love and give it all to God, then you can see Him at once.

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