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   Sri Ramakrishna Sayings and Quotes

  1. If you please God, everyone will be pleased. It is God alone that exists in the heart of the holy man.
  2. Pray to God with a longing heart. He will surely listen to your prayer if it is sincere.
  3. People of small intellect seek occult powers—powers to cure disease, win a lawsuit, walk on water, and such things. But the genuine devotees of God don't want anything except His Lotus Feet.
  4. 'I' and 'mine'—that is ignorance. True knowledge makes one feel: 'O God, You alone do everything. You alone are my own. And to You alone belong houses, buildings, family, relatives, friends, the whole world. All is Yours.' But ignorance makes one feel: 'I am doing everything. I am the doer. House, buildings, family, children, friends, and property are all mine.'
  5. What you do day and night comes out through your mouth. A man belches what he eats. If he eats radish, he belches radish; if he eats green coconut, he belches green coconut. Day and night you live in
    the midst of 'woman and gold'; so your mouth utters words about that alone. By constantly thinking of worldly things a man becomes calculating and deceitful. On the other hand, he becomes guileless by thinking of God.

  6. The sign of a man's having realized God is that he has become like a dry coconut. He has become utterly free from the consciousness that he is the body. He does not feel happy or unhappy with the happiness or unhappiness of the body. He does not seek the comforts of the body. He roams about in the world as a jivanmukta, one liberated in life.
  7. Prema means such love for God that it makes a man forget the world and also his body, which is so dear to him.
  8. It is good to help those who yearn for God. Thus one makes good use of one's money.
  9. By being guileless one can speedily realize God. There are several kinds of people who do not attain divine knowledge. First, a man with a
    perverse mind; he is not guileless. Second, one who is very fastidious about outer purity. Third, a doubting person.
  10. A little spiritual discipline is necessary. Through the practice of
    discipline one gradually obtains divine joy. Suppose a jar with money inside is hidden deep under the earth and someone wants to possess it. In that case he must take the trouble of digging for it. As he digs, he perspires. After much digging the spade strikes the metal jar. He feels a thrill at the sound. The more sound the spade makes, striking against the jar, the more joy he feels.
  11. To attain God a man must have certain favourable conditions: the company of holy men, discrimination, and the blessings of a real teacher. Perhaps his elder brother takes the responsibility for the family; perhaps his wife has spiritual qualities and is very virtuous; perhaps he is not married at all or entangled in worldly life. He succeeds when conditions like these are fulfilled.

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