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   Sri Ramakrishna Quotes and Sayings

  1. The aim of life is the attainment of God.
  2. In our part of the country I have seen peasants bringing water into their paddy-fields. The fields have low ridges on all sides to prevent the water from leaking out; but these are made of mud and often have holes here and there. The peasants work themselves to death to bring the water, which, however, leaks out through the holes. Desires are
    the holes. You practise japa and austerities, no doubt, but they all leak out through the holes of your desires.
  3. The traits of a worldly man endowed with tamas are sleep, lust, anger, egotism, and the like.
  4. You are no doubt in the world. What if you are? You must Surrender the fruit of your action to God. You must not seek any result for yourself. But mark one thing. The desire for bhakti (devotion) cannot be called a desire. You may desire bhakti and pray for it. Practise the tamas of bhakti and force your demand upon the Divine Mother.
  5. Be firm in one ideal—either in God with form or in the formless God. Then alone will you realize God; otherwise not. With firm and unwavering belief the followers of God with form will realize Him, as will those who speak of Him as formless. You may eat a cake with icing either straight or sidewise; it will taste sweet either way.
  6. You must have firm conviction, you must pray to Him whole-heartedly.
  7. By certain signs you can tell when meditation is being rightly practised. One of them is that a bird will sit on your head, thinking you are an inert thing.
  8. Hanuman burnt down the golden city of Lanka. People were amazed that a mere monkey could burn the whole city. But then they said, 'The truth is that the city was burnt by the sighs of Sita and the wrath of Rama.'
  9. Ah, that restlessness (longing for god) is the whole thing. Whatever path you follow—whether you are a Hindu, a Mussalman, a Christian, a Sakta, a Vaishnava, or a Brahmo—the vital point is restlessness. God is our Inner Guide. It doesn't matter if you take a wrong path—only you must be restless for Him. He Himself will put you on the right path.
  10. There are errors in all paths. Everyone thinks his watch is right; but as
    a matter of fact no watch is absolutely right. But that doesn't hamper one's work. If a man is restless for God he gains the company of sadhus and as far as possible corrects his own watch with the sadhu's help.

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