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Sri Ramakrishna Quotes


   Sri Ramakrishna Quotes and Sayings

  1. You want to eat butter. But what will you achieve by simply repeating that there is butter in milk? You have to work hard for it. Only thus can you separate butter from milk. Can one see God by merely repeating, 'God exists'? One needs sadhana (spiritual practice).
  2. Bondage is of the mind, and freedom is also of the mind.
  3. There is no harm in disobeying your elders for the sake of God.
  4. Pray to Him with a yearning heart, and weep. That will purify your heart. You see the reflection of the sun in clear water.
  5. If I see that a scholar has no discrimination and renunciation, I regard him as worthless straw. I see that he is like a vulture, which soars high but fixes its look on a charnel-pit down below.
  6. When a man dies after attaining Knowledge, he doesn't have to go
    to another plane of existence; he isn't born again. But as long as he has not attained Knowledge, as long as he has not realized God, he must come back to the life of this earth; he can never escape it. For such a person there is a hereafter. A man is liberated after attaining Knowledge, after realizing God. For him there is no further coming back to earth. If a boiled paddy-grain is sown, it doesn't sprout. Just so, if a man is boiled by the fire of Knowledge, he cannot take part any more in
    the play of creation; he cannot lead a worldly life, for he has no attachment to 'woman and gold'. What will you gain by sowing boiled paddy?"
  7. If a householder gives in charity in a spirit of detachment, he is really doing good to himself and not to others. It is God alone that he serves— God, who dwells in all beings; and when he serves God, he is really doing good to himself and not to others. If a man thus serves God through all beings, not through men alone but through animals and other living beings as well; if he doesn't seek name and fame, or
    heaven after death; if he doesn't seek any return from those he serves; if he can carry on his work of service in this spirit—then he performs truly selfless work, work without attachment. Through such selfless work he does good to himself. This is called karma yoga.
  8. He who has seen God finds that God alone has become the world and all its living beings; it is He who has become all. Such a person is called a superior devotee.
  9. Those who have money should give in charity. The miser's wealth is spirited away, but the money of the charitable person is saved. He spends it for a righteous purpose.
  10. Unless, the soul is pure, it cannot have genuine love of God and single-minded devotion to the ideal. The mind wanders away to various objects.

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