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  1. Awareness
  2. One's Self
  3. Recognition
  4. Self Knowledge
  5. Rest
  6. Knowledge
  7. Formlessness
  8. Bondage
  9. Renunciation
  10. Understanding
  11. Acceptance
  12. Ignorance
  13. Freedom
  14. Fearlessness
  15. Achievement
  16. Discrimination
  17. Desire
  18. Imagination
  19. Opinions
  20. The Self

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Astavakta Gita, Chapter 12 -- Of Ignorance

King Janaka

First of all I was averse to physical activity,
then to lengthy speech, and finally to thinking itself,
which is why I am now established.

In the absence of delight in sound and the other senses,
and by the fact that I am myself not an object of the senses,
my mind is focused and free from distraction -
which is why I am now established.

Owing to the distraction of such things as wrong identification,
one is driven to strive for mental stillness.
Recognising this pattern I am now established.

By relinquishing the sense of rejection and acceptance,
and with pleasure and disappointment ceasing today,
in Brahmin, I am now established.

Life in a community, then going beyond such a state,
meditation and the elimination of mind-made objects -
by means of these I have seen my error,
and I am now established.

Just as the performance of actions is due to ignorance,
so their abandonment is too.
By fully recognising this truth,
I am now established.

Trying to think the unthinkable,
is doing something unnatural to thought.
Abandoning such a practice therefore,
I am now established.

He who has achieved this has achieved the goal of life.
He who is of such a nature has done what has to be done.