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  1. Awareness
  2. One's Self
  3. Recognition
  4. Self Knowledge
  5. Rest
  6. Knowledge
  7. Formlessness
  8. Bondage
  9. Renunciation
  10. Understanding
  11. Acceptance
  12. Ignorance
  13. Freedom
  14. Fearlessness
  15. Achievement
  16. Discrimination
  17. Desire
  18. Imagination
  19. Opinions
  20. The Self

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Astavakta Gita, Chapter 15 -- Of Achievement

Sage Ashtavakra

While a man of pure intelligence may achieve the goal
by the most casual of instruction,
another may seek knowledge all his life
and still remain bewildered.

Liberation is distaste for the objects of the senses.
Bondage is love of the senses.
This is knowledge. Now do as you please.

This awareness of the truth makes an eloquent,
clever and energetic man dumb, stupid and lazy,
so it is avoided by those whose aim is enjoyment.

You are not the body, nor is the body yours,
nor are you the doer of actions -
or the reaper of their consequences.
You are eternally pure consciousness, the witness,
in need of nothing - so live happily.

Desire and anger are objects of the mind,
but the mind is not yours, nor ever has been.
You are choiceless, awareness itself and unchanging -
so live happily.

Recognising oneself in all beings, and all beings in oneself,
be happy, free from the sense of responsibility
and free from preoccupation with "Me".

Your nature is the consciousness -
in which the whole world wells up like waves in the sea.
That is what you are, without any doubt,
so be free of disturbance.

Have faith, my son, have faith.
Don't let yourself be deluded in this, sir.
You are yourself the Lord, whose property is knowledge,
and are beyond natural causation.

The body invested with the senses stands still,
and comes and goes.
You yourself neither come nor go,
so why bother about them?

Let the body last to the end of the Age,
or let it come to an end right now.
What have you gained or lost -
who consist of pure consciousness?

Let the world wave rise or subside
according to its own nature in you, the great ocean.
It is no gain or loss to you.

15. 11
My son, you consist of pure consciousness,
and the world is not separate from you.
So who is to accept or reject it, and how, and why?

How can there be either birth, karma or responsibility
in that one unchanging, peaceful, unblemished
and infinite consciousness which is you?

Whatever you see, it is you alone manifest in it.
How could bracelets, armlets and anklets
be different from the gold?

Giving up such distinctions as "This is what I am",
and "I am not that", recognise that "Everything is myself",
and be without distinction and happy.

It is through your ignorance that all this exists.
In reality you alone exist.
Apart from you there is no one within or beyond samsara.

Knowing that all this is an illusion,
one becomes free from desire,
pure receptivity and at peace,
as if nothing existed.

Only one thing has existed -
exists and will exist, in the ocean of being.
You have no bondage or liberation.
Live happily and fulfilled.

Being pure consciousness -
do not disturb your mind with thoughts of for and against.
Be at peace and remain happily in yourself, the essence of joy.

Give up the practice of concentration completely
and hold nothing in your mind.
You are free in your very nature,
so what will you achieve by working your brain?