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Osho Dynamic Meditation Tips

Dynamic Meditation Technique is one of most recommended and popular meditation technique of Osho. It is generally recommended that one should practice dynamic meditation for at least 9 months before moving to passive meditation techniques. But there is no hard and fast rule and every thing varies from person to person.

Lot of negative clutter and repressed emotions are released in this meditation technique, thus making it a powerful tool for cleaning as well as self healing.

Tips for Dynamic Meditation Technique are:

  1. Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
  2. Best time to do this meditation is in the morning and it is better, if meditators all around the world do it simultaneously. Many of the Osho sannyasins do dynamic meditation at 6am. For them it may be an ideal time, but every one should listen to his/her body clock and decide what is the right time for them.
  3. Totality is the key word for Dynamic Meditation. One has to be really Total in this meditation.
  4. Breathing should be chaotic and fast. There is a big difference in the way young people do Chaotic breathing than what Osho had suggested. If a meditator learns the correct way of doing Chaotic breathing then it can transform the whole meditation experience.
  5. If First stage of meditation is done in a proper way then 2nd stage will follow spontaneously.
  6. We should not hold our emotions in the 2nd stage and should express them freely with out worrying about other people reactions and judgment.
  7. In 4th stage we have to stand still. There should not be any movement, the moment we hear the bell signaling the starts of 4th stage. But the spontaneous movement from body is allowed. e.g. our hands are up in the 4th stage and If they are slowly slowly coming down on their own, then this coming down of hands is OK. But if we are bringing them down because it's paining us, then that is not right. If our body is aching then also we have to be in that position and we should watch that aching.
  8. In the original format of dynamic meditation there were only four stages and this 5th stage of dancing was added later by Osho on the basis of meditator's experiences. Dance and enjoy this wonderful experience of being with oneself. Dancing transforms the whole quality of our energy.
  9. If a meditator feels like vomiting after the dynamic meditation then allow it to happen. Don't suppress it. Much negativity will be cleaned through the vomiting.
  10. If we sleep late in the night then it is not advisable to do Dynamic Meditation next day early in the morning. Our sleep should be sufficient before doing this meditation. Always, Always take care of your body, don't neglect it and after a Good refreshing night sleep when you do Dynamic meditation then be total in it and ignore the body whims and fancies.

Note: Osho Dynamic Meditation Music Free Download

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