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Osho Meditation for Grounding  and Centering

Osho - “It is one of the most prevalent problems for the modern man; the whole of humanity is suffering from uprootedness. When you become aware of it, you will always feel a wavering in the legs, uncertainty, because the legs are really the roots of man. Through his legs man is rooted in the earth.

“Once you understand a problem directly, it is already on the way to being solved. Now you have to do two or three things.”

This meditation can be done in the morning

Step 1: Shifting Your Weight
“Stand on your feet, just 6 to 8” apart, and close your eyes. Then put your whole weight on the right foot, as if you are standing only on the right; the left is unburdened. Feel it, and then shift to the left foot. Your whole weight is on the left foot and you relieve the right foot completely, as if it has nothing to do. It is just there on the earth but it has no weight to it.

“Do this 4 to 5 times — feeling this shift of energy — and feel how it feels. Then try to be just in the middle, neither on the left nor the right, or on both. Just in the middle — no emphasis, fifty-fifty. That 50-50 feeling will give you more rootedness in the earth.

Step 2: Run and Breathe!
“If you are near the sea, every morning go to the beach and run on the sand. If you are near the sea, run anywhere barefoot — no shoes on, just on the naked earth so there is a contact between your feet and the earth. Within a few weeks you will start feeling a great energy and strength in your legs.

“Also, start taking deeper breaths. With shallow breathing one starts feeling uprooted. The breath must go to the very root of your being, and the root is your sex center — so then there is a continuous massage of the sex center by the breathing. Then you feel rooted.

“Otherwise if your breathing is shallow and never goes to the sex center there is a gap — which makes you feel confused, uncertain, not knowing who you are, where you are going, just drifting. Then you will become lusterless, no life, because how can life be without purpose? And how can there be purpose when you are not rooted in your own energy?

“So first: grounding in the earth, which is the mother of all.
“Then grounding in the sex center. which is the father of all.
“Then you will be completely at ease, centered and grounded.”

Step 3: Stand and Shift
End your running repeating the instructions outlined in Step 1.