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Question - When a man lives with two women at the same time does it make any difference to his energy?

Osho - Are you mad or masochistic or something? Is not one woman enough for you?

I have overheard....
Mulla Nasruddin's son was asking, 'Mulla, why does the law not allow men to marry two women or more?'
And Mulla said, 'If a man cannot protect himself the law protects him!'

Osho on Love

Even to manage one will be difficult for you right now. The question is unsigned. The person must have been afraid to ask it. The very fear shows that you have a kind of alertness about what you are asking.

If you are still in love one then you will be in great trouble. You will be disrupted, torn apart between two women. With love one, one woman is more than enough.
With love two there is no problem -- but then it is not a question of two women. Then the question about the object of love is not relevant. Then it depends on you -- how much love you have and how much you can share.

But the questioner must be somewhere in the first kind of love where one wants to grab as many women as possible because it is an 'I-it' relationship. Just as you would like to have two houses, three houses, just as you would like to have more money in the bank, so you want to have many more women. In the ancient days it was the only way to know whether a man was rich or not -- to see how many women he had. Kings used to have hundreds. Just thirty years ago the Nijam of Hyderabad had five hundred women. In fact, he was not capable of recognising all of the women. But it was a kind of prestige. He could afford them.

But women are not things, they are persons. They are souls as much as you are.
The question must have been asked by a man. You would like to possess as many women as you can. This very possessiveness shows an unloving heart. You must be somewhere in the first kind of love, where love is an 'I-it' relationship. Move from there. Even one woman will be enough of a misery to you. Two will be too much.

But you may be a masochist. Then it will be a different matter altogether. A masochist is one who wants to suffer, who loves being miserable, who is happy only when he is miserable. A masochist is one who wants to torture himself. If you are a masochist then it is okay. But to be a masochist is not a good thing, it is a neurosis. You will need psychiatric treatment.

But if your love has moved from the first then the question will not be relevant at all. Then it is not a question of having two women or one -- it is not a question of having at all. With the second kind of love it is a question of being. You love. You love as many people as are available. And you love in different ways: somebody you love as your wife, somebody you love as your friend, somebody you love as your daughter, somebody you love as your sister, somebody as your mother. and it is possible also that you can share one kind of love with many people. But first attain to the second kind of love. Then it is not a problem at all.

And problems utterly disappear with the third kind of love -- you are simply love. Then you can go on loving, there is no end to it. You have infinite energy. But right now you will not be able to go on loving, and never do anything beyond your capacity otherwise you will become more miserable. First learn how to love one woman -- at least learn how to love one woman. Let it become an 'I-thou' relationship. If you create a conflict with two women around you, you will not be able to move smoothly from 'I-it' to 'I-thou'.

Source - Osho Book "Sufis : The People of The Path, Vol 2"

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