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Sri Ramakrishna Parables

  1. Parable of salt doll
  2. Parable of the calf
  3. Guru and Disciple
  4. Men Seeking Light
  5. Parable of the farmer
  6. Parable of Homa Bird
  7. Parable of Man Seeking
  8. Parable of the Chameleon
  9. Parable of Elephant God
  10. Parable of Ant & Sugar Hill
  11. How to deal with the Wicked
  12. Ocean and the ice
  13. Parable of the tigress
  14. Parable of three Robbers
  15. Parable of the two friends
  16. Parable of the two farmers
  17. Parable of the false ascetic
  18. Parable of fish and the net
  19. Importance of Scriptures
  20. Parable of Grass Eating tiger
  21. Elephant and the blind Men
  22. Parable of the weaver Woman

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Sri Ramakrishna Parables

Osho on Sri Ramakrishna Parables - Ramakrishna’s PARABLES are very simple. Parables are bound to be simple. Remember the parables of Jesus? – just like that. If a parable is difficult then it is no longer useful. A parable is only needed so that it can be understood by all ages of children. Yes, I mean all ages of children. There are children who are ten years of age, and there are children of eighty years of age, and so on... but they are all children playing on the seashore, collecting seashells. Ramakrishna’s PARABLES is my seventh book.