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          Osho Quotes on Mind

  1. And this mind goes on continuing. This mind will go on continuing, unless you become aware. And this is a miracle: that the moment you become aware the continuity is broken. Now you will be, but not of the past. Now you will be of the moment -- fresh, young, new. Now each moment you will die, and you will be reborn.
  2. First know that desire is just running and reaching nowhere. Then stand still, and know what is. Everything is open. Only we are closed in our desires. The whole existence is open. All doors are open, but we are running with such a speed that we cannot see. And the more we become frustrated, the more we increase the speed, because the mind says, "You are not running fast enough. That is why you are not reaching." The mind will not say, "Because you are running, you will not reach."

    How can it say that? It is illogical. The mind says, "Because you are not running fast enough, that is why you are not reaching. So run faster. Those who are running faster, they are reaching." And ask those who are running faster. Their minds are saying the same thing: "Run faster still. Those who are really running, they are reaching."
  3. The seeker has to fulfill only one basic thing: he has to drop his mind. The moment the mind is dropped, a great silence arises -- because the mind carries your whole past; all the memories of the past go on hankering for your attention, they go on crowding upon you, they don't leave any space within you. And the mind also means future. Out of the past you start fantasizing about the future. It is a projection out of the past.

    You have lived a certain life in the past: there have been a few moments of joy and many many dark nights. You would not like to have those dark nights; you would have your future to be full of those joyous moments. So you sort out from your past: you choose few things and you project them in the future, and you choose a few other things and you try to avoid them in the future. Your future is only nothing but a refined past -- a little bit modified here and there, but it is still the past because that's all that you know.
  4. When the human mind becomes anxious, it creates questions and then supplies the answers. The questions are meaningless, hence the answers are more so. But because we fabricate questions, we cannot be at ease unless we find the answers. Therefore, we go on finding answers and creating questions. If you see this whole nonsense of asking questions and answering them, you may find that you are carrying on a monologue with yourself. Even if you are asking and I am answering, it is the human mind asking and the human mind answering. It is just a hide-and-seek of the same mind. It makes no difference who is asking and who is answering.

    The human mind questions, and the human mind answers, and we have created such a great mess of answers and questions, but not a single question has been answered. The questions remain where they were always. If you can see this whole procession of questions and answers, this meaningless, fruitless effort leading nowhere -- if you become aware of this whole nonsense as if in a flash of lightning -- then you can laugh at the absurdity of the human mind. And the moment there is laughter, you transcend the human mind completely. Then there is no question, and then there is no answer. Then you love. There is no purpose, and there is no cause. Then living itself is enough.
  5. Whatever you have desired -- fulfilled, unfulfilled, it makes no difference -- the moment the desire has come into your mind, into your heart, you have created ripples, waves. They will go on. This wheel, this sansar, is constituted of all the desires that have existed and all the desires that are in existence. This is such a great force, of all the dead and of all the living, that you cannot stand still. They will push you, you have to run.
    It is just like in a crowd. When the whole crowd is running you cannot stand still. You are just pushed to run.

    You are safe if you are running; if you are not running you will be killed. It is not that your energy is needed to run. If you do not make any effort, the crowd will push you. This is the wheel -- the wheel of desires. You must have seen the Tibetan picture of the wheel. It is beautifully depicted -- the whole wheel of desires.

    To step out of the wheel is sannyas. You just come out of the crowd. You just step down. You just sit by the side of the road, you say goodbye. Only then do you know the phenomenon of what is the wheel. Only then do you know that some persons are running in a circle, they will pass you so many times -- then you know that this is a wheel.
  6. This mind is a prison. It cannot find any freedom anywhere. It must die before freedom comes to you. But we have taken the mind as us, we are identified with it. This death of mind never happens to us, it never occurs to us.

    Mind is something other than "me." But we go on being identified with the mind. How then can you come out of the past if you have become identified with the past? The one who has forgotten that he is a prisoner is the most imprisoned, because there is no possibility of his freedom then. But even that prisoner may become aware. An even greater prisoner is the one who has become one with the imprisonment, one with the prison, who has become identified. The walls of the prison are his body. The whole arrangement of the imprisonment is his mind.

    Be aware, be conscious of your mind. And you can be, because you are something different. The dream can be broken, because you are not the dream. The dream is occurring to you, but you are not the dream. You can shatter this imprisonment and come out, because you are not the imprisonment. But there is such a long association with the body and the mind. And understand this well: that the body is new, each birth is new. Each beginning is new, but the mind is old. It is continuing from your past births.

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