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          Osho Meditation Quotes

  1. One has to become more and more centered in the process of watching. One has to disidentify oneself from the bodymind complex and this is the whole process of meditation: the process of disidentification. That is the negative part of the process. And the positive part is centering into the process of witnessing, becoming more and more rooted in watchfulness.

    These two things done, the negative and the positive -- disidentification with the bodymind complex and centering in the process of awareness -- that's the whole of religion. Nothing else is needed. No scripture, no doctrine, no dogma. This is enough to liberate. More than that is an unnecessary burden.
  2. Meditation does not mean concentration, it does not mean contemplation: it means getting beyond the mind. Concentration, contemplation, are both of the mind. Meditation means getting unidentified with the mind, seeing the mind as separate, knowing the mind as separate, witnessing the mind but not getting identified with it. Slowly slowly as witnessing grows, the distance grows between you and the mind. Soon the mind is a faraway echo, and finally you cannot even hear the echo; then you are left utterly alone.

    That needs courage, hence very few people have been able to know their own selves, and very few people have been able to become Buddhas. Before one can become a Buddha, one has to pass through a death -- of the mind, of the ego, of all that we think we are. We have to lose all that we think we possess, then only can we possess the eternal.
  3. Bliss follows witnessing -- and that is going to be your meditation. Witness your body as separate, witness your mind as separate. Remain rooted in witnessing: "I am only a watcher." That is going to transform your whole life, it is going to give you the ultimate.
  4. Wake up from your dreams and make every possible effort to get deeper into meditation, into awareness, into witnessing. Become more and more conscious and you will become a king. Everybody has the potential to become a king. If we miss, we miss only because of our lethargy. We never make any effort, we never try to go inwards.

    Or if once in a while we try, within minutes we are tired and again we start running and rushing into the outside world. A persistent effort is needed and perseverance is needed and patience is needed. Victory is bound to happen, but it happens only when you are really ready. That readiness comes through intense effort. Make every effort to be meditative -- that is the key, the master key to the doors of the kingdom of god.
  5. Man can live in freedom only if he is meditative, otherwise not. Meditation is the source of all freedom. Without meditation you are a slave, a slave of your own instinct, a slave of your unconscious desires. You may think and believe that you are free, but you are not. Somebody insults you and you become angry.

    Are you free to be angry or not to be angry? You are not free. He has simply pushed your button and you have behaved in a mechanical way. You are predictable. It was not within your capacity not to be angry.
    You see something and greed arises. You are not free, you can't do anything about this greed. Or lust arises and you are simply a victim of it.

    It is only through meditation that slowly slowly more consciousness is created within you, more light is created; more watchfulness, witnessing, happens. And that is the miracle of awareness: if you become aware of anger you become a master of anger. Then it is up to you whether to be angry or not. You are absolutely free to be this way or that way.

    To people who have not meditated may go on believing that they are free but they are deceiving nobody else except themselves. Be more meditative and you will know how to live in freedom. And of course, life is life only when you are able to live in freedom.
  6. In samadhi, in the highest form of meditation, the same thing happens: the mind stops functioning... but you are conscious. That is the only difference, but the difference that makes the difference. One is fully alert, luminous. One is there witnessing, watching, but there is no cloud of thought. The sky is utterly empty: as far as you can see you cannot see any content.
  7. Meditation is a simple method. Your mind is like a TV screen. Memories are passing, images are passing, thoughts, desires, a thousand and one things are passing; it is always rush hour. And the road is almost like an Indian road -- no traffic rules, everybody, is going in every direction. One has to watch it without any evaluation, without any judgement without any choice, simply watching unconcerned as if it has nothing to do with you, you are just a witness. That is choiceless awareness.

    If you choose, if you say 'This thought is good -- let me have it', or 'It is a beautiful desire, a beautiful dream, I should enjoy it a little more, I can go into it a little deeper'... if you choose you lose your witnessing. If you say 'This is bad, this is immoral, this is a sin, I should throw it out,' you start struggling, again you lose your witnessing.

    You can lose your witnessing in two ways; either being for or against. And the whole secret of meditation is to be neither for nor to be against, but unconcerned, cool, without any preference, likes, dislikes, without any choice. If you can manage even a few moments of that witnessing one will be surprised how much bliss happens, how ecstatic one becomes.

    In the beginning there are only a few moments, then those moments become bigger. And as you become a true witness, without any choice, in that moment the whole traffic disappears. Suddenly the TV screen just a white screen, there are no pictures at all. And to see your mind as utterly empty is the greatest experience in life because it turns your consciousness inwards. There is nothing to see there, so the consciousness takes a turn, a one-hundred-and-eighty degree turn, an about-turn. And in that turning you encounter yourself. That is selfknowledge, and to know oneself is to know all. You have found the door to the divine.
  8. Meditation means that no outer light is going to help, no outer treasure is going to make you rich, no outer conquest is going to make you a real conqueror. The real treasure is within you and the real conquest has to be made there. It is such a ridiculous thing that we go on searching for something which we have already got, but we never look within. We look everywhere else we can go to the very corners of the earth or even to the moon in search of some illusory pleasure -- just one territory we never enter, and that is our own being.

    Meditation is a simple technique of entering it. Meditation means awareness, alertness, watchfulness, witnessing. Witness your actions, witness your thoughts witness your feelings so that slowly slow you can see you are neither the body nor the mind nor heart -- that you are the witness of it all.
  9. When you start meditating on your ego, on your thoughts, on your mind, you are suddenly separate, because whatsoever you meditate on, you are separate from it. That has become the object and you have become the subject.
  10. Meditation brings a third state: mind is non- functioning, just as it is in deep dreamless sleep -- that is one part of meditation, the circumference of meditation. And the second part is when you are not asleep, you are fully awake, alert, a flame of witnessing -- that is the centre of meditation. Whenever these two things happen -- you are aware and there is no mind, no thought, no desire, no dream passing through the screen of consciousness -- you attain to ultimate clarity. That is the meaning of Beryl: crystal clear.

    In that crystal clarity one knows what truth is, what bliss is, what beauty is. And to know it is to have attained the ultimate flowering, to know it is to have come to the highest peak. Then one feels at home, at rest. Now finally there is nowhere to go, nothing to attain. One has arrived. We in the East call it samadhi. Samadhi means a state of ultimate realisation, of truth, beauty, bliss, consciousness, freedom -- of all the higher values.
  11. You can repeat a certain mantra continuously -- it will hypnotise you, it is auto-hypnosis. You will fall into a peaceful sleep, that's true, and if you are searching fora peaceful sleep a mantra can be used. I am not against it. It is a good non-medicinal tranquilliser but it is not meditation and not at all transcendental meditation, because transcendence simply means transcending the mind, and that can be done only by one thing and that is witnessing the mind; not by doing anything, not by repeating a mantra, chanting or anything. Any doing will be part of the mind.

    There is only one secret which is not part of the mind, and that is witnessing, watching. Thoughts are passing, desires are moving, memories are coming and going like clouds in the sky and you are sitting silently simply watching, not doing anything. If you do anything immediately the mind starts functioning. What you do does not matter -- doing is part of mind. A non-doing witnessing, just witnessing, as if a mirror goes on witnessing whatsoever passes by -- that is awareness. And that awareness takes you beyond the mind. It is true meditation.

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