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Chuang Tzu Stories

  1. Apologies

  2. The Empty Boat

  3. Means and ends

  4. The Useless

  5. Three in the Morning

  6. The Owl and the Phoenix

  7. The need to win

  8. Three Friends

  9. Chuang Tzuís funeral

  10. The Man of Tao

  11. When the shoe fits

  12. The Tower of the Spirit

  13. Flight from the Shadow

  14. Fighting Cock

  15. Monkey Mountain

  16. Symphony for a seabird

  17. Autumn floods

  18. The Turtle

  19. Duke Hwan & the Wheelwright

  20. Man is born in Tao

  21. Wholeness



Chuang Tzu Story - When the shoe fits

Chuíi the draftsman
could draw more perfect circles
freehand than with a compass

His fingers brought forth
spontaneous forms from nowhere
His mind was meanwhile free and
without concern with what he was doing

No application was needed
his mind was perfectly simple
and knew no obstacle

So, when the shoe fits,
the foot is forgotten
when the belt fits, the belly is forgotten
and when the heart is right,
for and against are forgotten

No drives, no compulsions,
no needs, no attractions
then your affairs are under control
you are a free man

Easy is right
begin right and you are easy
continue easy and you are right
The right way to go easy
is to forget
the right way
and forget that
the going is easy