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Chuang Tzu Stories

  1. Apologies

  2. The Empty Boat

  3. Means and ends

  4. The Useless

  5. Three in the Morning

  6. The Owl and the Phoenix

  7. The need to win

  8. Three Friends

  9. Chuang Tzu’s funeral

  10. The Man of Tao

  11. When the shoe fits

  12. The Tower of the Spirit

  13. Flight from the Shadow

  14. Fighting Cock

  15. Monkey Mountain

  16. Symphony for a seabird

  17. Autumn floods

  18. The Turtle

  19. Duke Hwan & the Wheelwright

  20. Man is born in Tao

  21. Wholeness



Chuang Tzu Story - The Owl and the Phoenix

Hui Tzu was prime minister of Liang
He had what he believed to be inside information
That Chuang Tzu coveted his post,
And was plotting to supplant him.

When Chuang Tzu came to visit Liang,
The prime minister send out police to arrest him,
But although they searched for three days and nights,
They could not find him.
Meanwhile Chuang Tzu presented himself
to Hui Tzu of his own accord, and said:

“Have you heard about the bird
that lives in the south –
the phoenix that never grows old?

“This undying phoenix rises out of the south sea
and flies to the sea of the north:,
never alighting except on certain sacred trees.
He will touch no food
but the most exquisite rare fruit,
And he drinks only from the clearest springs.

“Once an owl
chewing an already half decayed rat
saw the phoenix fly over.

“Looking up he screeched with alarm
and clutched the dead rat to himself
in fear and dismay.

“Prime minister,
why are you so frantic,
clinging to your ministry
and screeching at me in dismay?”