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Master Disciple Stories

  1. Swami Rama
  2. Vivekananda fast & Ramakrishna
  3. Swami Vivekananda & Pavhari Baba
  4. Bulle Shah & His Master
  5. Maulingaputta & Gautam Buddha
  6. Ouspensky with Gurdjieff
  7. Swami Vivekananda & Ramakrishna



Swami Rama of Himalayas

Swami Rama was one of the foremost Yogis in this century to go to west and Spread the roots of Spirituality.

When Swami Rama was small child, the Astrologers prepared his Horoscope and told his parents that he will die at the age of 28. Hearing this bad news, Swami Rama, then a child, started crying.

Suddenly from no where, A Saint came to his house and said “Son, you don’t worry, I will take care of you and you are not going to die”. That Saint was none other than his own Guru.

After some years Swami Rama left home to join his Guru and forgot completely about the prediction of astrologers.

His Guru asked him to go to many Great Sages and through them Swami Rama became aware of many esoteric secrets and Powerful Mantras of many traditions.

Swami Rama used to love wandering in Himalayas. One day he was Climbing a Difficult Hill and suddenly he slipped and Lost Control.

Falling down the Mountain, he was stopped barely at the edge of a cliff when his belly was pierced by a wild shrub and now his Body was hanging from the Cliff.

Blood was coming out and Swami Rama's life was in danger. In Desperation, Swami Rama tried all the powerful Mantras but nothing worked. Each passing moment Death was coming closer.

After trying every thing Swami Rama thought “I have tried every thing except my Guru, Let him also give a Chance”. Swami Rama prayed to his Guru for help.

Instantly help came in the form of Village woman’s who were passing above that Cliff. These women’s noticed Swami Rama hanging between life and death and they helped Swami Rama back to safety.

Source: Swami Rama Book "Living with Himalayan Masters"

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